The renewal date for the hosting server is in about a month and I'm thinking it makes sense for me to save £100 a year and just host the site my self on a Raspberry Pi. I've been testing it running on a spare Pi ZeroW over the weekend and it's running well, if a little slowly. I'll get a new RasPi 3B+ soon to host the site.

This will mean that the upload and especially download speeds will be slower because my internet speed is only 12mbps down and 1mbps up, so downloads for you guys will be 1mbs maximum. It's not great but it's better than spending £100 for a faster speed on a hardly used website.

If all goes well we should go full time to the RasPi server with a month.

I'll post soon with a test address so you can check the RasPi server on my network for yourselves and let me know how it works for you.


My brother sent me a big box of retro sweets for my birthday. This will keep me going for some time! :D


Happy Christmas Everyone :D



I did a walk there on Monday. The view from the top is pretty impressive.


We got the first proper snow of the winter over night. It's about 5 or 6 inches so not too bad. Yay Snow :D


...You resize a partition on you backup drive only to have the process fuck up and reformat the entire drive :/



Post stuff you suddenly remember exist :D


Got myself a 3D printer :D

I've just started the first test print. Finger crossed...


Apparently if I fill this thing a 'salty solution' and stick it up my nose my hayfever will be cured. I'm concerned my nose may also get pregnant :/


We just renewed again for another year and holy shit it turns out this things been going for nearly 8 years now! How? XD


I've used windows backup in the past but recently found it's been missing out things that should have been included!
I've been looking around for another backup program. I tried AOMEI Backupper which had good features for free but that seems to have random problems working with network drives. I'm currently trying Cobain Backup which also is free and has good features like differential backup, but it has suddenly failed in the middle of a back up with no useful error message.

What are you guys using?


I might be feeling stressed lately but thankfully some members of my family are doing just fine :D


Saw this mentioned on Kotaku today so downloaded for little play. Looks really nice although there isn't much you can do currently. It'll be worth keeping an eye on.




My alienware laptop died a sudden death today. Total power failre internally :(
I can either send it away to be fixed which will take 3 weeks or pay £30 for an engineer to come to me to fix it quicker. I've with the quicker option, but I currently don't know when they'll come.


I've been playing in No Man's Sky a bit more recently and the new photo mode is quite fun.


Time to reinstall. See you on the other side...


...as we know it!


Anyone would think it was nearly Christmas or something!




Of course the real fun here is to add a cock and balls in to every image :D


For some reason Colonel Sanders is now a Hipster. WTF!
Of course I blame the hipsters for this, but then again I was blaming the hipsters before it was cool. ;D


This is a fan made re-enactment of the case of the State Of Georgia vs Rick Allen. Well worth a listen :D



Kinda cool, but a bit slow...


Just renewed the site for another year but I've made a change to the web hosting package to save a few shekels. Everything should work as always but let me know if something isn't right.



Just having a lovely hail storm, the chunks are between 1/4" and 1/2". Surprisingly, and thankfully, they are fairly soft, like little snow balls.
Yesterday we had smaller but more icy hail, and then shortly after that snow, in between some nice sunny weather.
But then it is April so in the UK anything goes at this time of year :D
My computer has just decided to take the piss by suggesting now is the time to mow the lawn!?!


Finally got around to building an updates HTPC / Server for myself. I was going to go with an ultra low power system again, but seeing as the new Intel Skylake chips are so energy efficient the tiny amount of extra power consumed by the Skylake chips means you get much more power for those moments you need it.
Overall this new system shouldn't use any more power than my old Intel Atom A330ION system it's replacing.
As for updating from the old to new system it couldn't have been a bigger pain in the arse! But I've come to expect that from Windows 10.
Pretty much up and running as normal now so here's hoping for a relaxing evening in front of the TV :D


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