My old trackball died a little while a go so I got by just using the touchpad on my laptop, but sometimes the touchpad just work as well as a mouse or trackball. The MX Ergo is pretty expensive, £73, but I'm impressed with the feel and quality. It works perfectly for games and 3D work where the touchpad just isn't ideal, and it's prefect on the arm of the sofa too where a mouse wouldn't work very well :)


Keith Flint was part of The Prodigy which was a music group I loved right from the start. I'm truly bummed to see a legend like him go so soon.




WTF!?! Is this supposed to be some kind of DIY stem cell therapy???
W T F ! XD



Ugh! (that really is all I can think of to say :/)


My Snapsoid Halloween competition Pumpkin (Applekin) from many years ago


After the expense of the summer on the house I delayed buying new drives for my laptop. Thankfully the time has come for a new 1Tb 970 Evo SSD for the OS and apps and a 2Tb HDD for my data and less used apps.

Instead of just cloning the current drives I'm going to start from scratch so I'll be probably be switching drives back and forth for a few days as it will take ages to get it all setup again!

Let the battle commence!!! :D


Burt Reynolds 1936-2018. So many great films :)



I received an old laptop recently that had a dead motherboard. It was worth repairing so I stripped it for parts. I bought an LCD control module from China for £18 and made a stand to create this minimalist monitor :D


Bought a cheap plasma ball lamp and then made designed a retro rocket to fit the lamp in to. Pretty pleased with how it turned out :D



And I hope you remembered to leave out milk and cookie for Captain America yesterday :)





My wifi has been super slow lately, often only 2 or 3 MB/s, win10 had kindly updated the driver for me. I try installing the latest killer network driver and it goes even slower >:(, just over 1 MB/s. I remove all traces of drivers for the wifi and go with a basic win10 wifi driver and suddenly I get 43MB/s !?!?! WHAT THE FUCK!!!

Firstly killer networks need to start making good drivers.
Secondly microsoft need to stop updating drivers when I don't want them too.


It's been 9 years since I bought the Merlins-Bar domain and hosting on GoDaddy. The site went live a few weeks later. We've now moved to hosting on my own server. Thanks to everyone who visits and makes this place happen :)



This is some high tech crazy shit! :D


I've added support for HTTPS SSL Encryption to this test site. To access the secure version simply use https://test.merlins-bar.com
You will likely get an warning that the certificate is self-signed and so you will have to trust it manually. Once you have trusted the certificate it will be good for 3 years and the site will be accessible securely. I might look at getting a full CA (Certificate Authority) SSL certificate but it depends how much it costs.





The renewal date for the hosting server is in about a month and I'm thinking it makes sense for me to save £100 a year and just host the site my self on a Raspberry Pi. I've been testing it running on a spare Pi ZeroW over the weekend and it's running well, if a little slowly. I'll get a new RasPi 3B+ soon to host the site.

This will mean that the upload and especially download speeds will be slower because my internet speed is only 12mbps down and 1mbps up, so downloads for you guys will be 1mbs maximum. It's not great but it's better than spending £100 for a faster speed on a hardly used website.

If all goes well we should go full time to the RasPi server with a month.

I'll post soon with a test address so you can check the RasPi server on my network for yourselves and let me know how it works for you.


My brother sent me a big box of retro sweets for my birthday. This will keep me going for some time! :D