Most of Europe for the next few days...

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I agree, we should start living underground and enjoy the constant temperature down there :)

Seriously though we will need changes to how we live in the decades ahead :/


It's time they start building the houses to the changing of climate. That means smaller area windows, thicker walls, and air-conditioning.


I don't think anyone was hurt, but if we keep having these kinds of temps in Europe then wildfires will become a regular thing :/

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Hot damn

Oh that's doable. My apartment got to 28.5C, not a record but it hasn't been hot for a week.

Did you say the fire near/in London? Couple of houses went up in flames. Idk if anyone got hurt/killed.


The downstairs of my house stays fairly cool thanks to stone floors, but upstairs can get fairly hot, 27C.

The UK hit a new record of 40.3C :/

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>>37872 I'll bet that was a good workout, I hope you didn't suffer too much. Btw, does it stay cool in your house?
I live in an apartment on the highest floor with a flat roof, yesterday it was 28.5 C inside. But not as hot as it was last years, though maybe also due to the new windows.

Alas it 'only' was 39,5 degree Celsius yesterday. The record of 40,2 C on 25 Juli 2019 stands. However it is considered the hottest 19 far.


I just spent 10 minutes filling the recycling bin with stuff in mid 30's heat, and that was more than enough!


Yay, according to my mum&dads thermometer it's 38 degree Celcius. Now heading back to my lair..


We also have a colour system for temperatures. Today was Amber and tomorrow is expected to be Red!

I can only apologise for seeing the British people at the beach :/


I saw some really REALLY white ppl on your beach(es) on the tv. They'll be lobster reddy later today ;)

It's only 33C last time I accidentally walked outside. But yes, similar here, tomorrow will be even hotter. But I have shit to do and work too, so I'll brave it.

Do they have a code system in the UK? Our is currently at yellow (careful now), tomorrow will be red (Hell-o clock). The mores and other dry areas will be closely watched by fire fighters.


It's terrible for southern Europe. Even parts of the UK are expected to hit the 40's C over the next few days :/
I'm fortunate it will likely only hit mid 30's where I am.

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This is fine

South Europe. Although Monday till Wednesday will be extreme here too, thus possibility for fires are an increased risk.