Fuck My Local Council And Fuck The Government

I got a letter today from my local council to offer me £50 to help with my energy bills as I'm ill and unable to work.

Very nice! That will be very helpful... ...Oh, wait. I must have photo ID and I must go to a post office within 7 days to get it. Most people in the UK who don't currently drive don't have photo ID, that would be me. I also have no way of getting to a post office. Also why limit it to 7 days?

The letter says I should email the council if I have questions, so I have. I received an automated response telling me that they are very busy and will try to respond to me within 21 days!?!

Most of the people being given this money will never be able to get it!

This is life in Conservative Britain.

Give with one hand and take it back with the other!


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>>38055 No way! I have a birthmark that looks like 666 on head ;D

Still no response from the council. No surprise :D


Well, there's the issue; 6 times 6 6...that's somebodies number!


This £50 is in addition to £400 (split in to 6 x £66) paid to all UK households. I'm on a fixed contract too but it's cheap. This year I went from £48 per month to £108 per month for electricity. I have an oil heating system and I don't think there is any help with the cost of that. People in cities have gas heating and can get help with the cost.

For 2023 only some people will get help from the government. I maybe lucky as I'm ill, but I won't be surprised if I get fucked over.

I sent my bank details to the council but I've heard nothing back. I have a feeling they will "forget" to do it!

One way or another we always get fucked!

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Fucking bullshit. 50 pounds?? That's it?!

Here we also got the energy aid, albeit a bit more than that, and not in pounds ;)
Because a photo ID is mandatory here it's somewhat easier, but it was still an ordeal. With me they took over from July to August to figure shit out, claiming due to the massive response etc, etc, bla bla bla.
Eventually I did got 1300 euro in total, and directly to my bank account. Plus they said that if the energy prices will remain that high in 2023 I'll be getting another 1300 euro sometime later that year..

Now considering I still have a fixed price contract (still 2 years to go) with my energy supplier I'm not that concerned. But those aren't the only prices that went up, so free money is free, right?


Wow! They actually got back to me claiming I had a letter a few weeks ago saying I could get it paid in to my bank account directly instead. I checked that letter, it was on my desk, it says nothing about that!?!

I've sent them my bank details, we'll see what happens.