Blargh! It's sp humid :/

26C but the humidity feel like 200% :S

There is also the sounds of thunder now so humidity is likely to get worse this evening :(

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Same here! We're expecting thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon and then things will cool down a bit thankfully.


The whole fucking week it's been hot and dry in freaking Augustus! The lowest temp, at early morning is 18C and at around 17:00 hours it is 31 C. Right now at time of writing it's still 26.7C pfff.. Luckily Tuesday the first drips of rain will come (aka humid and clammy weather) Than more normal temps at 20C.


Enjoy the rain before the heat returns!


Ah, it probably will be declined anyway. Invasive stuff and all ;)

Finally it rained, it poured, it washed away the heat! Today even more rain is expected although I haven't seen it yet >.<

Time for more cpu tests ;)


We had a little bit of rain Friday night, but it was dry to mow on Saturday.

We had some big thunderstorms and rain yesterday, Sunday, but it's dry outside now. We might get a bit more rain tomorrow. Temps have dropped a little to around 23C the last couple of days and looks to stay that way this week.

If it wasn't for Brexit I could send you some rain in a little parcel but now it's too expensive!?! :(

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>>38254 edit: Tuesday, Tuesday there will be rain, fo sure now.

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Did you cut the grass?

Tomorrow, hopefully not during F1, we'll have rain (and thunder and lightning). Oh wait nevermind, Monday it will absolutely mos def rain..


Weather here looks to start changing tomorrow. It'll be a bit cooler, 22C, and maybe a little rain. From Sunday they'll be more showers of rain for a few days.

I'm ok with that as long as it's dry enough on Saturday so I can mow the lawn at my other house :D


phew, only 26C today. Tuesday the 20th is expected to be wet..let's hope sooner.


This the first rain we've had in weeks. It was black as night here about an hour ago but thankfully didn't rain too much. Still hot and humid though :/

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Outside 30C, inside 26C :D :/ :C

At least you guys are getting some moistness.
Here it hasn't rained in a few weeks and the grass is turning brown.
But at least the women are scantily dressed so that's a plus.