Fuck Logitech!

I have many excellent Logitech devices, MX Master 3 Mouse, 2x MX Ergo Trackball, MX Keys Keyboard. I need a new keyboard for my little HTPC in my bedroom so it made sense to get another MX Keys keyboard. This time I got the mini version so it takes up less space.


It doesn't work with the unifying receiver like all the other devices! No, this is a 'business' keyboard so it requires a Logitech Bolt receiver !?! The 2 receivers are not compatible in any way and all devices will only work one or the other, never both!?!

But there's more. The MX Keys Mini, unlike all the other logitech devices I have didn't even come with the receiver! It's an extra £20!

I could just use it with Bluetooth except for the fact that when I need to make a choice on the bootloader screen bluetooth isn't enabled.

I think I'll just return the fucking thing and get the full size MX Keys that will do everything I need for the same price!


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Damn, that's some Apple marketing. And shameful that it doesn't ship with the receiver.

PS: Since when does a business keyboard need a smiley over the F7 Function key?

PPS: The only Logitech devices that lasted with me is the wired G600 mouse and one of the two MX ergo's. All other crapped out.