*Note the beautiful carpet and lovely wood-chip wallpaper :/

I look forward to redecorating this house and getting rid of the all the old wallpaper and carpets :D

Charlie is doing well for 16. He has to have steroid injections every 3 weeks to help him out but for an old cat he's very happy.



Kim Jong Un's wardrobe for the event was provided by Herr Flick of the Gestapo.

Strong is a leader who dares to hold the hand of another man.


So for some odd reason my main pc all of a sudden refused to see my os drive. It worked fine this morning but 2 hours ago it booted directly in the bios/uefi. After some fiddling, cursing, and rebooting it suddenly boots just fine only to reboot half-way during a game.
The drive works fine and has zero issue when I checked it with my laptop, so why Asus? WTF?!


The new walking dead games looks amazing XD

It's looks almost as good as that recent Gollum game!





In the UK the main opposition party to the government managed to get a enquiry started on Boris Johnsons, and the government of the time, handling of the pandemic. The group running the enquiry are currently interviewing various people about what happened. They also already have emails and phone messages from that time from most of the people involved. Some of the revelations are mind blowing, like BJ thinking that a video he saw on youtube of a guy blowing a hair dryer up his nose was a viable way to deal with with covid! He then raised this issue with the UK's 2 top scientific advisers in a top level government meeting!?!?!

This video is a great guy called Phil who talks about UK politics every day. He often talks about Brexit disasters and government corruption. I enjoy his videos, but it's a shame it's real and not a comedy!





Got bored with Starfield after 25 hours, so back to Night City. Also with mods :D


mmm..must have?



82 years old.


Writing this at 21:05h in NL, so 20:05h London time, right?


When Starfield was announced I wanted to play it, however paying €75 for the base game is just too damn high. Luckily I found a 'demo' ;)
Anyway, the game is basically Fallout in space (and on planets). It actually looks like Fallout 4 with HD graphics, and thus runs smooth on my pc.

The thing that irks me are:
- The faces when speaking lack emotion
- The writing of characters & scenes, so far, feels bland
- Simple fetch quests without any surprises (yet)
- Simple story
- Answers don't matter
- The wastelands (and there are plenty) look just like Fallout 4 only more alien-esk
- Some weird grayish filter inside buildings
- Ship is unable to access anything but pilot seat in space, only when landed you can walk inside and access more stations.
- Load scenes galore! Luckily not too long though
- Baldur's Gate 3 looks better (probably cause it's isometric)
- The Witcher 3 (2015) & Red Dead Redemption 2 (2019) looks better!

But it has good things too:
- Ship can be build into any shape and size
- it uses less cpu & gpu resources than Baldur's Gate 3
- Mods are easy to install


Happened in Ankara, Turky..erm Turkiy..fuck Turkiye whatever you know there.


...wait... ...Some cunt's knocked it down!

Sadly I'm not joking. My new house is a semi-detached so I share a wall, and a chimney, with the house next door. The house next door is a rental and the owners have been doing repairs on the properties they own. They have been replacing roof tiles and removing the end chimneys, each house has a chimney on the end of and a shared chimney in the middle. I guess they think removing the chimney means less to go wrong and less chance of it leaking in the future.

The other two houses they own locally have already been done and they only removed the end chimney and left the middle chimney alone. For some reason today they started on my neighbours roof and before anyone knew what was happening they removed the middle chimney. It's a major fuck up!

It is without question illegal to dismantle someone's property without them giving permission first, and I wouldn't have given permission anyway. I have taken photos of the hole in the roof where the chimney was as well as the numerous damaged tiles where bricks from the chimney rolled down the roof and broke them.

Thankfully my neighbour next door is great and she's given me the name and mobile phone number of the person managing the repairs. I've sent them a message and will hopefully hear back soon. I'm going to wait and see how they react before I do anything else. Once I get a feeling for how they are I will decide whether to take legal action against them or not.

I've only been in this house just over a week and some bastard has already fucked it up!

Other than this I'm enjoying being in my new home.



Moving done, sort of. After 3 box van loads of shit moved there is still another 1 left at the old house. I'll get it one day but for now fuck that.

I have stuff every where it's going to take months to sort it out :/

Charlie cat seems to be happy enough. He's enjoying exploring the new house and sleeping on the carpets.

I am exhausted and hurt like hell! What a time to be alive!

Also Futurama is back, so that's nice. And the last series of Archer soon.


I'm moving this weekend and the server will be down from Saturday or Sunday until Monday. It's possible it'll be down Friday and may be intermittently up and down as I move stuff around in old house getting ready to move.

Moving is so much fun :/


It's a wheelie heavy Fanatec CSL DD 8Nm. But it is also very sturdy. And you can change the wheel, add a shifter and/or handbrake, and more stuff. Of course it wasn't as cheap as a Logitech.


Walk-in Drive test or Drive-in Walk test?


my dudes!


I neither like nor dislike it but I bet it would be a blast to drive.



I'm looking for a reliable weather station or diy. Who knows what?


To 14 years of fun, information, and cheeky cheekiness.