Finally it's cold!

And it snowed..a bit too late/early for x-mass though.

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>>38536 salt and sand and beet juice. The salt is criminal though with all the damage it does to our vehicles. All good today though, temps 70f over the next two days, then temps drop again and it's predicted that we get more snow.


I know it been a week but does your town/country battle the snow with salt or sand or maybe not at all?


>>38522 People still have to go to work/school. So yep, if there's snow, we have to shovel the driveways. We are a toasty 1c today though with snow falling. It feels good to be out shoveling in this.


>>38526 She had a very bad case of wind!

Thankfully nothing damaged at either house so I can't complain too much. Unfortunately her friend Jocelyn will be visiting soon and I have no idea what she's bringing with her :/


I heard you had a visitor by the name of Isha, JC. How was she?


-3.2C here, coldest so far, but no snow. Looks like it's going to get warmer here over the weekend and get some rain :/

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-6C today and finally enough snow to make a (small) snowdude!


So, mister Oldballs, do people still go out to work/shovel the drive-way?


>>38518 Holy shit! That's pretty damn cold.

I've had about 5-10mm of snow for each of the last 2 nights, but it melts in the sun by the end of the day :D

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A town nearby.

>>38518 :D Make a snowman/woman!

Not enough snow here to make anything. It does make a pretty sight.

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We added another 14" over the weekend of snow and now we're down to -24c with wind it feels like -38c. Cold snap should only be here a week or so.
Good luck everybody!


I noticed on some youtube channels I watch that winter had finally arrived in the US. Stay warm!

It's due to get colder here over the next week and average around 0c. Maybe some snow from the middle of the week.

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>>38513 Nice! Snowman time!

8 inches, now how was that measured? ;)
Best not to answer.

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View from my window

Currently a comfortable -2c

It snowed 8 inches on Monday, another 3 Wednesday night, expecting another 6 on Friday.


Two people today have told me to expect snow here next week, but I don't see it on the official weather forecast so who knows.


Yeah, it has been snowing here occasionally too but it never lasted till the end of the day :(
All I want is a bit of snow that will stop traffic, is that too much to ask, JC?

Aaaand it's -7C..although the temp will rise to -1C.

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It's only been down to 0.7C here lately, but it's much colder than it has been.

There was the tiniest amount of snow in the air a couple of days ago but it melted before it hit the ground :D