Ubuntu 22.04.3 LTS FTW!!!

Goodbye pita M$ Windows, hello Ubuntu!

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This might be useful: https://opensource.com/article/20/12/stream-deck

Your UPS probably has a command line network interface like SSH or Telnet. Look in the manual for something like that. You might then have a way to get notifications from it. Then you can run a simple script that would shut down the PC if needed.

Working with Wine/Proton is a little weird, but think of it that each instance, install, is it's own version of windows and so needs an install of the game launcher and the game. Sometimes you can use the same Wine/Proton instance for multiple games so the launcher is only installed once. I wouldn't worry about it too much.

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Well, I got Elgato Stream deck working, albeit it's limited in use. No clock, or 3rd party integration :(
Maybe just use an external usb monitor for temp display?

Second, the UPS is connected but not recognized anywhere, not really an issue as I only need it when I'm physically working on the pc. I noticed that the link you offered had a recommendation: "Don’t use nut-hal-drivers unless you really, really want a fancy notification icon." It also stated that it won't auto-shutdown the pc, so kinda useless. But thanks anyway!

Btw, epic games installs the launcher than installs the game, rather than nicely integrate with lutris like GOG :(

Lastly I saw the script for the G600 mouse, and delve into that after X-mas.. :D

I also saw a very nice and large mod for Fallout 4, called Fallout London ;)

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Skyrim works great on Linux. Fallout 4 is generally ok, but the fps can get choppy at times. Starfield will run but the fps will be about 50% of the same settings in windows.

And speaking of Starfield some more interesting mods are starting to exist...


Wow, thanks for the links! Something to do in my vacation.

>>38477 at least steam is easier in that regard, I can even run Skyrim.


Update: Art of Rally works perfectly using Heroic Game Launcher and is a very fun little game. Well worth the price of free :)


I forgot to mention Heroic Game Launcher is great for Epic, GOG and now Prime game stores.

Also Epic Game Store has Art of Rally as it's free Christmas game. I've grabbed it, should be a bit of fun :)


Lutris is great for running other games and game launchers. I have games from Epic, Rockstar and EA running through it. It can be hard to get things working though. Lately I keep having random system freezes with games in Linux which I think is a nvidia driver problem, but it can be to figure out. Check out protondb.com as well to check how well a game will run on Linux and for ideas to get it running.

Github is a great source for 3rd party software for devices. The above might work for you, it was the first one I found.

Conky is pretty interesting, very similar to Rainmeter on windows.

Maybe this could help with the UPS

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So for monitoring my pc I installed Conky, which works nicely. I still need to figure out how to add the cpu temp, gpu temp, gpu core clock, and gpu memory though. Because this works I might drop Elgato from the list, unless I can add Conky stuff to it.. so I'll try it anyway ;)
Hopefully this site will help: https://onlinux.systems/guides/20220323_how-to-set-up-elgatos-stream-deck-on-ubuntu-linux-2110/
I'll let you know ;)

I think I'll drop the Schneider UPS software cause it looks a lil bit too professional. I use PowerChute on Windows but it seems discontinued on Linux and the one that does seem to work looks way too complicated.


So far I managed to get pretty much everything working; steam, telegram, veracrypt, gimp, and strawberry.

The things I still need to check out are:
- mounting a shared folder of my synology NAS,
- checking if I can run Ubisoft launcher,
- also the Rockstar launcher,
- Schneider UPS software,
- Elgato Stream deck or another form of cpu&gpu temperature monitoring widget
- logitech gaming software

I already did some digging into Synology, Ubi, Rock*, Schneider, and Elgato. Those will sort-of work.
But Logitech Gaming software will not as far as I can tell. Luckily my G600 has onboard memory, so it ain't that bad.


GIMP is pretty hardcore but it's hard to beat. I'd still like to find a good simple editor for quick edits, but the more I get used to GIMP the easier that it is too.

If you want 3D then of course Blender is available.

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Bring out the gimp

Gimp it is. And thanks for the feedback and link.


Krita, Inkscape, GIMP are all good in different ways.

Pinta is a linux version of Paint.net but last time I tried it it was buggy as fuck.

You may notice that you memory appears to get all used up as the day goes on, but this is just data being cached in unused memory. People sometimes think there is a memory leak, but it's all good. Windows does the same thing but as I recall doesn't show it. *Not all linux memory monitors show it though.

Check out https://extensions.gnome.org/ if you're interested in customising your desktop.


The only thing I gotta find out is a good paint program (does paint.net work?)

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Only 4.4/16 GB memory used is a nice bonus.