Reliable weather station

I'm looking for a reliable weather station or diy. Who knows what?

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Domoticz works well on Raspi. I have it running on a Raspi 4B 4Gb at the new house currently and on an Odroid N2 4Gb at the current house.

You should be able to find a 433Mhz RF receiver to work with a raspi without too much trouble. The cheap RF modules normally used with arduinos will work directly with the raspi IO ports. Alternatively you can look for a USB or wifi RF receiver.

This link sounds similar to what you're wanting:


So my NAS does have Domoticz (Pro only) but I actually wanted to use a Raspberry Pi with add-on board and monitor.


Hmm, where to start! How about a lesson about readily available and ready to use sensors, not electronics components.

So most temperature, humidity, rain, wind etc sensors made for use with weather stations use the same radio frequencies to communicate. The data in the signal varies but thankfully there are people out there who enjoy decoding them.

There are 2 main methods to receive these signals and make use of them. The one you have likely heard of is 433Mhz RF (radio frequency). Pretty much all available sensors can be received this way. RF receivers can be bought ready to use via USB or built using an arduino.
The other method is uses something called RTL-SDR. This mostly picks up the same sensors as 433Mhz but it can also pick up other devices on other frequencies, like heating oil tank level sensors. The simplest version of this method uses USB DVB-TV devices, yes the ones you would use to get digital TV on a computer.
The 433Mhz RF is the easiest route to go here and will offer the biggest range of devices.

To make use of the data these devices can collect from the various sensors you will need either a specific software to the devices you are using, like the weather software I use called weewx, or probably more easily you can use a 'IoT (Internet of Things) / home assistant' type of software like Home Assistant or Domoticz. I use Domoticz, but I think Homes Assistant is probably a little better and easier to use. These kind of software can also be used to control 'smart' devices like heating controls, lights etc from various manufacturers if that was also something you wanted to do and all from a web or app interface. You'll need to run it on a home server, but I think your synology NAS might be able to run it!

That'll do for starters, take a look and see if you can run Home Assistant on your NAS, if so then start looking at how to use weather sensors with Home Assistant.


>>38299 "That's pretty much what I'm doing currently. I use various sensors and receivers and make use of MQTT (network messaging system), Domoticz (home assistant software) & Weewx (weather server software) to use the data. I'll expand on it once I'm moved, but it's already partly in use at both houses XD "

Could you, if and when you have time, list the components, schematics, things to do, etc.? I'm a bit overwhelmed by it all and finding certain components is difficult if you have zero knowledge of it.


The old house isn't sold yet, but I'll be financially better off living at the new house and I'll be able to start getting things fixed there.


Good to hear! Finally. So you've sold the old house? Best leave a 'JesusChrist lived here' mark somewhere ;)


That's pretty much what I'm doing currently. I use various sensors and receivers and make use of MQTT (network messaging system), Domoticz (home assistant software) & Weewx (weather server software) to use the data. I'll expand on it once I'm moved, but it's already partly in use at both houses XD

I have a moving date now of 19th & 20th of August! The internet at the new house probably won't be back up until Monday 21st, but I can probably use my phone to cover the gap. This site will probably be unavailable all of Sunday 20th and some of Monday 21st.

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Build your own Raspberry Pi weather station

I found this website for DIY weatherstation. If you can find the time give it a glance, and tell me what you think.

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Well, I sort-of got it working. For some reason it refuses to connect to my router even though I disabled the 5 GHz option as stated in the manual. Also the wifi signal from the device is unprotected :( so I'll just leave it off.
Pity cause now it just displays temp and humidity in- and outdoors but no longer (accurate) weather display. But I'm not giving up, I might try it at my parents place cause they only got 2.5 GHz wifi signal.
Will let you know more in the future.


Should be a good choice. A lot of companies use the same or similar internals, it just makes sense. However it's all the bits that fit it all together where the quality of brands like TFA are much better than GHFCHTRWTHG (*generic chinese brands)


After much deliberation and dozen of product reviews* I finally ordered the TFA Meteo 35.8000. It should arrive Friday and I'll let you know how the installation goes.

*It's funny how many products there are and how many are just rebranded.

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I'm still searching..


No worries. Let me know what you decide on :)


Cool, thank you for the links, JC!


Thermometers should always be in the shade to measure air temperature.

There are lots of weather stations available that just do inside and outside temperature and humidity, and some will have air pressure too.

Take a look at

The cheap Chinese ones on amazon are probably ok too as they will mostly use the same sensors internally.

I like ones like this...
The wifi app will allow you to see on your phone what the data is. I would avoid Chinese devices if you want an app as they are always shit.


I just want humidity and temp. I have 2 analog (fluid) temp meters but they are a bit unreliable as one is facing the morning sun and the other one is always in the shadow. Also they were really cheap.
And I'm a bit restricted in that the housing corporation doesn't allow anything visible at street view.

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I've had a TFA Nexus weather station since 2008 and it's worked great. The LCD is starting to show some minor issues but I can still get all the data from it via the USB connection.

I'm planning to change things to use a separate RF or SDR receiver to get data from the sensors amd that way I can use pretty much any sensors I want and record it all on a computer.

I use software called weewx currently to record the data but I also wrote some scripts and an android widget to show the data for the last 24 hours on my phone and tablets. I might switch to using domoticz, a home assistant app, to record the weather as I also use it to monitor oil tank level and other things. I also use domoticz at my new home to work like a monitoring system using motion sensors and cameras.

Depending on what you want there are lots of choices.