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>>38305 It's wild what our politicians can get away with. It's almost as though they make the laws... ...Oh wait!


Damn, even more stuff against him.

I wonder if there's a law in the Netherlands/UK that prevent a person that's incarcerated to be named Prime-Minister..

Found this.
"Passive suffrage
In a detention situation, the exercise of passive voting rights can cause practical problems. A detainee may stand for election, but if elected, may not take his seat during the detention period."


Yes it's normal for the prime minister when they leave the job to give honours to people in the government, or who served in the government. So BoJo tried to give his dad an honour. Thankfully he was told it wasn't allowed. A couple of others have also been refused. Most people think they should all be refused and we should get rid of the fucking stupid idea.


aha. I also heard something about titles handing out to his family? When he was a pm, oc.


He has been under investigation for lying in parliament. He was given the report early and immediately quit as an MP.

He was likely to end up suspended and forced to have a new election for his job as MP, which he would certainly lose. He will now likely be banned from getting any privileged access to government buildings and other perks.

Good riddance to a useless fat cunt. :)

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Name a politician who isn't?

Oh what did BJ do, other than exist ;)


It's so bizarre how people like Trump & Johnson do the dumbest shit and just expect to get away with it. Even as a child I would have known this was a fucking stupid idea! XD