Kenny's killing it

If you want some whack fps game with loads of humor, typical R&M-style. Than High On Life is your thingy. This game is bat shit crazy and I love it.

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I've seen a few bits of this game and it does look really fun. I'll probably pick it up at some point when it's on offer.

Currently playing Gods of War on PC. It's ok, not open enough for my liking and too much 'souls like' fighting too, but the story, puzzles and adventure are fun.

(600.6 Kb, 3440x1440)
High on Lines..LIFE I mean, sorry

Here's an album.

Your sister powdering her nose.

(573.5 Kb, 3440x1440)
Knifey (Aussie)

Kenny is the first gun you get and he sounds like Morty. But his name is Kenny, and he's got a conscious which if you're too trigger happy for his taste will let you know. But he's cool though.

Knifey, on the other hand, loves to kill, kill, and kill. Stabbing, slashing is all good for him. Plus he's a rope for ..climbing, not sex stuff, pervert.

There are more guns to unlock and more abilities.