Very impressive

And a bit over the top but it was the Queen.
The marching, and band, was very impressive and the whole ordeal made both my mum and dad tear up.

Also how tall & beefy are those lads directly in front of the carriage?

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What the fuck?!


I've just bought £250 of fuel to heat my current house for a few weeks and when I move I'll need to fill the oil tank at a cost of £1000-1500 :/

Last winter it cost me less than £600 to heat my house!


Here people are on mass going back to wood stoves/burners like it's 1755 :|
However the price of wood has gone up too <roll-eyes>

Politics and looking ahead just doesn't mix.


There is talk now of 3 hour power cuts with 24 hours notice in the UK because we won't have enough fuel for our power stations if the winter is a cold one!?!

Corporate greed and incompetent governments can fuck right off!

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A bag of 1kg of coffee beans is now 10 fucking euro!

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The Prime Minister, Truss, and the Chancellor (Finance Person), Kwarteng, were both giving interviews today saying that everything is fine and they won't change anything. We are hearing this evening they are to have an emergency meeting with the OBR (Office of Budget Responsibility) tomorrow. Normally any time the government change the financial policy in the UK they request a report from the OBR to see if the new plan will have any problems. Truss and Kwarteng refused to have the OBR make a report this time because they knew tax cuts for the rich right now was a terrible idea. Thankfully even a lot of conservative party cunts are also very pissed off with the damage Truss and Kwarteng are doing so maybe we'll see something change. I'm not holding my breath for anything useful though.


It's a pyramid scheme if you ask me. How long till the first civil protests? And how long till she's gone?




"Boris was bad, but Liz Truss is Boris without the brain cell. It's a shit show!"

And the pound has lost a bit of value :(


I'll be hiring a van and driver to get stuff to the new place. It'll probably be 2 or 3 van loads so I'll probably move over a few days. Thankfully the seller of my new place is happy for me to store stuff there early seeing as it's already empty.

Boris was bad, but Liz Truss is Boris without the brain cell. It's a shit show!

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Pedal powerrrr

I did. There wasn't much work at work, so we all watched the 'Queen being handled by strong men for the last time' part. But we didn't watch the cathedral bit as it probably was boring.

Are you cycling your stuff to the new place? ;)

ps: yikes about the new pm, Thatcher II?


Wait, you actually watched her funeral? I don't think many people in the UK did :D

Most people were happy to get an unexpected day off work so they just did their own thing. I had a fun day of paperwork and packing up my workshop tools in to boxes.

I don't think many people in the UK are really in the mood for a special day for the Queen when most are facing extremely high energy bills and a huge cost of living crisis. On Friday the government are planning on some tax cuts for the rich, which won't do anything to help. It's total fucking madness in this country.