My 4TB SATA Samsung Evo SSD Has Shit The Bed :/

Sadly this drive, which is only 9 months old, has started developing bad sectors resulting in data loss >:(
This isn't the usual 'wear and tear' for an SSD :/

I have backups of the important stuff but it's a pain in the arse as this drive has almost all my games on it. In order to save from massive downloads I'm currently backing up everything I can and I'll let Steam verify it all and download only what's needed.

I just got an ADATA Durable 5TB external hdd so I'm copying stuff to that. I'm surprised that for an external HDD it's actually pretty quick. Much faster than the shitty generic chinese hdd caddies I use with old hdd's :)

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Sound like bad mojo..


Well the 4TB SSD is working great, but I had a strange problem over the weekend with both of my NAS raid arrays each dropping a drive and complaining about things. After a lot of unplugging and plugging back in again and many command lines it all seems ok again. Thank fuck because I'm done with fixing fucked up drives for the time being! XD


Good timing! It arrived today! :D

I've copied across all my data and it's ready to go. Nice! :)


And have you collected the replacement?


Yeah,they aren't cheap, but I've already spoken with the supplier and they will replace it when I send it back.


Damn sorry to hear. Oh and to add salt to the wound those aren't cheap. I just saw they have a 5 year warranty, so you might be eligible for some sort of compensation..?

That's the reason I'm always backing up stuff. I gotta say it's a feature I'm thankful that Valve implemented in Steam but it's a pity that not every big game (company) utilizes (I'm looking at you Microsoft & Rockstar!).

My dad had something similar happen to him with his brand new laptop, all of a sudden every task took 10 minutes to open, and after a reboot so did windows. Another Samsung m.2 ssd that kicked the bucket! <insert conspiracy>
Funnily enough it still works in my usb-to-NVME enclosure, and none of the software detects any errors. So I now have a free drive :D