The shitter saga

Last week I noticed some tiles were loose in the bathroom and behind the toilet. Since I rent, the housing association sent some third party people over.

The bathroom was fixed in a few hours and the toilet (separate of the bathroom) had to be disassembled, which took only a few minutes. However, when the tiler was done after an hour, the plumber took over 4 hours(!) to come back and then had took a personal phone-call for 10 minutes before I asked him to, you know, do the job.
He assembled the toilet and left but ..<drum-roll>.. I noticed it leaked at 2 places. So I called, he came back.."fixed" said leaks. still leaked.

I called third party company to complain and the next plumber did fix 1 of the leaks but he told me he couldn't fix the other cause of the part not readily available. This man was at least honest and clear.

So now I gotta wait for a part to arrive and then fixing my damn toilet. At least it doesn't smell shitty ;)

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Definitely still get it fixed. It will 100% start leaking again at some point.


A small miracle happened.. it stopped leaking.
I'm guessing it was some residual water left around the ring of the tube. All is dry now.
But I'll let them replace that tube anyway.

>>38212 At least I don't have to pay anything.


This is the joy of renting :/

I hope they remember to come back and fix it soon!

(1071.2 Kb, 1734x2301)
Small droplets only, no smell though

After the assembly the water supply tube was leaking. The second plumber cut and bend a new tube and added new fittings which fixed leak 1.

The second leak is at the disposal area. The flexible tube is simply pushed over the toilet's exit port and then goes into the wall where it magically disappears.
The diameter at the toilet is bigger than at the other end and apparently not ready in stock.

So yeah..oh and no, I'm not allowed to mess with it myself. Something to do with warranty or some shit.

I'm supposed to find out what's in store on Monday.