Asus poratable monitor

I use it for both at work along with a laptop and at home when checking my various computers. It's the Asus ZenScreen MB16AH, which can use either usb type-c or mini-hdmi.

Also re-installed Linux on 2 pc's cause Windows 10/11 borked out.

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>>37793 I've never used MSI, but I've always found Asus mobo's to be good, with the exception of one of two that had capacitor problems.

How silly of me to forget the 'PLUS' it's just so important :D


>>37791 No more MSI for me.

Don't you mean the CPC464 PLUS? ;P


>>37789 Sounds like a case of "Fucked & Fuckeder" mobo edition :/

I have maybe 20-30 games for the CPC464, and 10 or so others (educational etc).


grrrr...the new mobo didn't recognize anything, no gpu, nor ssd or hdd, I couldn't even access the bios/uefi. Thing was fucked, so I've returned the board and got my money back :( guess I'll keep the old broken board.

>>37786 oh neato, you got any (good) games for it?

(139.2 Kb, 916x896)

>>37785 No, mine is the CPC464 Plus. Which was a shameful attempt by Amstrad to try and cash in on the 16bit Atari ST and Amiga success by repackaging the same same old 8bit hardware in a '16bit' looking case. I have the colour monitor with mine rather than the cheaper 'green screen' but I'm getting rid of the monitor as I made a scart lead for it so I can us it with a TV.

(852.5 Kb, 4000x2250)

>>37753 Is this you?


Bummer! But thankfully Linux is generally very good at switching hardware I've found, so you should be ok.


Something's off, I think the bottom pci-e slot is damaged/broken. I can't see it and neither can the UEFI/BIOS. :(

Do you know if you can keep the original Linux (ssd) when I switch to a new mobo or do I need to reinstall it? Mobo will be practically the same.


Yep! That's computers for you!?!?! XD

(54.4 Kb, 1280x720)
Being persistent, and a lot of swearing worked!

And <drum roll> IT WORKED!

Now, I did erase the whole disk and reinstalled Windows 10, and installed the Archer T9E driver.
Then I re-reinstalled Linux Mint and it recognized the wifi-card immediately!!

A bit of a long process but in the end it worked.

(166.4 Kb, 185x167)

Well shit. It didn't work, I went the sudo way. It did do something but it just didn't recognize it.
It gets even weirder as I installed a different wifi-adapter (the TP-Link TL-WN881ND), that is recognized by my test bench (intel board, Asus VI Hero) and runs just fine but doesn't want to be recognized by my Ryzen 3600 (MSI B450M) build??!


Let me know how that goes.


>>37768 Will test that later, ty.


>>37767 Wifi drivers can be a pain in the arse with Linux, but this video appears to have some possible answers:


I've run into a small problem with one of my pc's. Linux doesn't recognize the TP-Link Archer T9E wifi-card. And I don't see any linux supported drivers for this card :(


Sadly I don't know of anything to help with the pump speed on Linux. You might be able to use an inline PWM controller like you can with a PWM fan?


Btw, do you know any program that can control a PWM pump?
Cause the BIOS doesn't allow lower than 60% which for this pump is max speed.
I used to control it in Windows with Asus AI Suite 3 but that doesn't work on Linux..

(3282.2 Kb, 1078x1440)
The 1080ti is back up again.

I can only imaging the cable jungle that will be.


>>37750 The Amiga & ZX81 both have old-skool coax (RF) output (although the Amiga can do RGB with the right cable),the Amstrad CPC464+ has a green screen monitor but can also do RGB with the right cable and the PS2 is RGB. Currently my TV can do RGB and scart, but I plan to go to upgrade to a 4K monitor at some point. So I've ordered the parts I need to make some cables and an RGB/CVBS to HDMI converter :)

The ZX81 can be made to do RCA but needs a hardware mod to do it. I'd like to get a RF (old tv coax) modulator to RGB converter but I can't find one at a decent price so may not bother with that.

Its all part of getting older..yay :/

There's nothing wrong with more stuff, as long as you can opt-in. And it should be easy to remove too.

Damn, dude, that's a lot of old skool magic. Do those work on modern tv's/monitors?


>>37747 "I wish MS allowed for a skinned version like we had with xp and 7. But I doubt that will happen."

It's more likely we'll see Linux & Wine/Proton work more closely to give an almost seamless windows experience honestly. It's not far off already.

I still have my Amiga A500, an Amstrad CPC464+ which was given to me a few years ago, a Sinclair ZX81 also given to me and my Sony PS2. I would really like to get a Sinclair Spectrum 48K like my first computer.

Sorry to hear life is giving you shit too :/


Sorry to hear, my friend. Although I'm suffering from insomnia (the disorder not the song), and ibs but only if I eat ;)

You name the absolute worst of the bunch (No Man's Sky or Horizon Zero Dawn). But you should really try Star Trek Online if only to clock how long the Vulcan Shaders take, it's illogical, captain.

I wish MS allowed for a skinned version like we had with xp and 7. But I doubt that will happen.

Just how many old skool computers do you still have, o wise hoarder?


Sweet! you've been having fun while I've been resting and feeling crappy XD

Building the shaders for vulacan can take a while but it's no worse than No Man's Sky or Horizon Zero Dawn on windows.

It genuinely is stunning just how well so many games work on Linux. The work of Wine/Proton is incredible. The icing on the cake is that it can do using less system resources!?!

It makes you realise just how bloated windows is with useless shit. There are so many background services with windows and so many of them do nothing useful for 99.99% of people.

I'm pleased you're enjoying trying out Linux. To me it feels like the old days of windows when you could get under the skin and make it work how you really wanted.

And speaking of old school computers, I just spent the evening cleaning dust off 250+ 3.5" disks I still have for my Amiga A500 :D

(2085.0 Kb, 2560x1440)

Minty vs W11 with most programs closed, and later after a fresh restart but with a couple of programs running. Windows you weird.

(317.8 Kb, 1920x1080)

Star Trek Online took even longer with the Vulcan shaders..and patches. But it works, Qapla'!

(560.4 Kb, 1920x1080)

It took bloody 4 ever with the Vulcan shaders and patching it but so far every game runs (Arma 3, Valheim, Portal 2, Star Trek online, Outcast 2). I guess that Valve brought out the Steam Deck helped too. Handy is that Steam downloads and installs the necessary Proton files (in compatibility mode).

(1916.8 Kb, 1920x1080)
neofetch !

It took a wee bit longer to figure out the command but here it is


>>37731>>37732 Thanks! I'll have a look at it this weekend.

Steam does show which game works natively with Linux, which is cool.

As for Linux becoming my main, not yet. I heard some ppl had issues with Steam VR, so I need more info on that. I'll mos def keep experimenting with Linux and other distro's.


>>37731 You'll want the latest V 7.x GE proton release for some games AND the last V 6.21 GE proton release for many older games.

Instructions and moire info are here:


>>37730 Check out for info on which games work and which don't, and how to get many games working!

Also check out fir custom builds of proton that work better with many games.

Sadly dual boot with Windows will need to be a thing for some games for the foreseeable future :/

(280.9 Kb, 1800x1800)

>>37729 never mind, I found it. It's a pity I can't play half my games on Steam..

(1729.5 Kb, 1920x1080)

I have another question, why does it create shortcuts to every (network) folder I open on the desktop?

>>37728 thanks man, strawberry works great!


I use Strawberry Music Player, although most of the time I'm using Onkyo Controller to control my hifi directly for music but that won't help you unless you have an Onkyo or Pioneer hifi.


Pretty much everything works. I didn't even needed to manually add the wifi driver. I'm seriously thinking of switching my main driver to mint.

One thing I'm still looking at is a simple audio player cause Foobar isn't natively supported. It can work but with extra steps (snap or wine).


>>37725 Nice!

(459.7 Kb, 1058x1440)
Portrait mode engaged!

Well, just so you know, I've installed it on my test bench (4790k) and my backup rig (Ryzen 3600) and both had zero issues! Even tried out a game (valheim) which ran flawlessly.


>>37722 Good choice :)
But 'without a hassle' my be stretching things a little bit XD
Way better than windows though :)


Mint Cinnamon 20.3 as it was the one I know would work without a hassle.


That's a pretty sweet little display. I've not seen one like this before but I see a few companies do similar displays.

What Linux distro did you use?