In with the auto out with the manual

The Philips LatteGo 2231/40 mostly used for espresso.
This big boy can do everything automatically; it can take beans and ground-coffee to make coffee, espresso, and cappuccino. As well as make a hot cup of T.
For the bean drinks you can adjust the grind finesse, the strength, and the amount per cup. If you remove the milk holder you get a hot water dispenser.

I previously had the DeLonghi Dedica Style EC685.M but she was a very finicky bitch to make coffee; there was a tiny hole in the cup-handle that could and would stop pouring when it was clogged. It would look clean but you could only be sure when it poured, if nothing came out well fuck that shit.
Also it could only make espresso, although you could froth milk but it had to be done manually; also a bitch to do because the knob for creating steam was directly above the nozzle. Great design choice, lads. :(

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>>37716 Whole milk for the win! Coffee creamer is poopy.


Turns out the milk used for making cappuccino matters a lot. Cold whole milk should be used, although in dire need coffee creamer can be used too (it's thicker and doesn't foam as good as whole milk).


OooOoh Amaretto, noice.


I generally drink tea, but I often have a coffee in the morning to help me wake up. And at weekends I have a drop of Amaretto in my coffee :)

Yes that mug is a French press and mug combined. It's a really easy way to have a cup of fresh coffee.


I really like espresso and tea too. This contraption does it both. And if friends or family come by they always want cappuccino, which is all simple now.

I would've thought you more of a tea lurker.
Btw, is >>37671 like a French press coffee maker?

(86.5 Kb, 904x1024)

Damn! That is a serious bit of kit!

You must really love coffee to spend those kind of bucks on it. Although it's probably only a months worth of starbucks so reasonable compared to that.

My coffee maker is a bit more basic >>>