27" Monitor, 1440p or 4K ?!?!?!

I want a new monitor to use with my laptop at when I'm at my desk. It'll be for productivity, coding & 3D stuff mainly but also probably some gaming. 27" is the ideal size on my desk with my laptop next to it.
A 4K 144hz display is £750+ so I think that's out so the choice is either a 1440p@144Hz or a 4K@60Hz. Both options can have freesync.
My laptop rarely exceeds 60fps anyway so the 144hz is maybe not useful on most games I play. But thinking of the future I might build a new desktop, with probably 3080 or similar, some time in the next couple of years so maybe.

£400 would bet either the LG UltraGear 27GN850 1440p@144hz IPS or the LG 27UL850 4K@60Hz IPS

I don't know which right now!?!

Any thoughts?

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I have the Ergo too so I can happily switch between them when I want :)

Logitech software has always been shit but thankfully that problem isn't one I've had.


Good to hear.
I was always in a bind between that one and the MX ergo. At the time I experienced wrist pain and therefor went with the Ergo.

However for gaming I no longer use any wireless Logitech mouses cause of the unifying pop-up issue. It also happens at work but I don't mind it there. I hope you don't have that issue.
As for the profile switching, I've never used it because; one, it isn't as intuitive as Logitech's Gaming variant. And second; I hardly remember the inputs, and that's why I absolutely love the Stream deck (visuals!).

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My MX Master 3 mouse arrived. It's pretty nice and has good build quality. It has a good amount of weight to it when you pick it up but feels very light when moving it around. The freewheel feature is great but the automatic switching doesn't always happen when you would want. Thankfully it can be manually switched easily.
I think this is a perfect choice for a 'daily driver' mouse.


I considered several of the logitech G mice along with many others, but ultimately I wanted wireless for my main mouse.

If the Razer Naga Pro ever comes down in price below £100 I might grab one so I can have lots of buttons and wireless :D


I bought my Logitech G600 on ebay and I love it. It has 12 buttons on the side and on-board memory. Still wired though.


I fitted some silicone o-rings to the keys on my new keyboard to limit the travel and soften it when they bottom out. I really like it. Feels even better than the old IBM keyboard I used to have.

I've been trying to find a mouse that would be perfect for everything and the closest I found to that is the Razer Naga Pro, but it's £150 and another £65 if you want the charging dock!?!

I've decided for now that the most important thing is productivity so I've ordered a Logitech MX Master 3.

I might buy a gaming mouse if I need to at a later time.


Good to know. Now I can wait till hell freezes over before I can buy an AMD gpu.


10 series and later nvidia cards will work with freesync monitors.

Nvidia don't like to advertise this fact but pretty much any freesync monitor will work. This was introduced a year or two back. Nvidia will only guarantee it works on a small number of monitors that have applied to nvidia for approval. Nvidia really shot themselves in the foot by forcing gsync monitors to be so expensive.


I've noticed that the LG monitor has freesync, yes? Does your laptop have a Nvidia gpu? Does that work okay with each other?



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New keyboard arrived. It's a SteelSeries Apex 7 with liner red switches.

The quality is pretty nice and it's very comfortable to use. The software is good too. The lighting effects are very smooth and pretty impressive but I'll probably just have it green most of the time like I do on my laptop :D

There's an API for creating your own light effects and oled notifications which I've benn playing around with today which could be useful.

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>>36860>>36861>>36862 Ooh noice!

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Portrait >>>

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>>36856 Good point. Noisy keyboards hide the fact you are using a sex arse.

LG 27UL850 >>>


Well I once bought a MX black keyboard. Also we bought CyberPunk 2077 before it was finished so.. :/ People will buy weird stuff..like an sex ass ;)

Oh and post a picture of your new monitor!


>>36852 I see you can buy little pads of 9 or 15 switches to test different types but at £10-15 I'm not sure it's worth the money. I think reds will be the way to go. Now to try and find it in stock...

What really makes me wonder though is who is buying these high end gaming keyboards and getting it with blue (clicky) switches!?!?!


I've only ever had black and red Cherry MX switches, and the razer own version, and same for the Logitech's. Black is really heavy and not comfortable.
Red is the most comfortable for both gaming and typing, so that would be my choice.


Hopefully by the time we want to be 4K gaming those high refresh rate 4K monitors will be much cheaper.

My monitor arrived today. It looks really sharp and when I tested it in 1080p with Forza Horizon 4 it still looked sharp (thanks to it being a perfect half scale of 4K). I'm very pleased with my choice :)

As for the keyboard I'm leaning heavily towards the SteelSeries Apex 7 with wither red (linear) or brown (tactile) switches. The software looks to be the best of bunch too which will be good if I make some adaptive profiles for some apps.

I had been thinking tactile switches was the way to go but thinking about I realise that the old IBM and Cherry keyboards I've had in the past would have been simple linear switches. Thoughts?

I might leave the mouse for now as I'm liking using the MX Ergo trackball for most things. We'll see...

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oh, here's my wish list monitor: Asus RoG Strix XG438Q. Of course a LOT more than £400.

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choices choices

>>36842 Nice. 4K for anything but gaming is nice especially with (good quality) IPS (just be careful of light bleeding). So much screen space is just great for multitasking. As for gaming I would recommend windowed mode in 1080p cause I bet you'll probably won't enjoy 30 fps gameplay. :|

Sometimes I wish I had a 4K screen but with my 1080Ti and with modern games it would barely hit the 30 fps. You gonna need at least a 6800XT or 3080 for decent frames.
Even on my 1440p 144Hz monitor getting 60 fps, in lets say, MSFS2020 means turning down the graphics :( And going down to 1080p on a 1440p monitor sucks monkey balls, it just looks awful and blurry.

Now a 4K monitor used as TV and couch gaming would be ideal but it has to be a big screen, at least 40", and more than 60Hz. My current TV is supposed to be 120Hz but it still has screen tearing in games :(

I guess more keys are better? Since I have the Stream Deck (owned nowadays by Corsair) I find it much easier to use GIMP cause I can reprogram the buttons. That's also one of the reasons why I have the G600 mouse, as it has 12 programmable buttons on the side, different for each program I use. (although I have to use reminders).
My Logitech G810 keyboard is in that optic a bit bland, although you can put macro's on the Function keys, however you lose those original functions. The Razer BlackWidow that I also own is superior with 5 extra buttons on the left side. I just find their software awful, in that regard the logitech wins.


Decided to go with the 4K LG model. It'll be best for everything except gaming. But it'll be pretty good for gaming with my current laptop too as 4K 1080P divides in to 2160P perfectly and the 60hz limit of my current laptop isn't a problem for me so a 60hz max on the 4K display won't be either.
Hopefully any future desktop will be capable of gaming in 4K anyway so I'll probably just end up skipping 1440p even though it's the sweet spot right now. Of course I could just get a 1440p@144hz in the future too :D

No I need to decide what keyboard and mouse I want to use when I'm working at my desk. I have my MX Ergo trackball but I think a MX Master 3 might be a good productivity mouse. As for a good keyboard generally speaking the keyboards which are best for programming are also the best for gaming so it'll probably be a choice of Razer (Blackwidow Elite or V3), SteelSeries (Apex 7 or Pro), Corsair (K95 or K100) or Logitech (G815 or G915). At the moment I think I prefer the Razer Blackwidow Elite but it's proving hard to find in stock with the tactile switches.