Holy Shit! The PCI-E 4.0 NVME Drives Are Fast!

The leaked specs for the new Samsung 980Pro show insane speeds, 7GB/Sec Read & 5GB/Sec Write.
But notice that the endurance of the drive is lower than the previous generation of Pro SSD.
Of course unless you are reading and writing large files you won't really notice any improvement.

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>>36566 I'd buy another 970 Evo over a 980 with QLC.

>>36569 Sounds good. The 3080 looks to be the best balance of price and performance, the 3090 seems very expensive. I'll be interested to see if the claim that the 3070 outperforms a 2080ti is true.

(58.9 Kb, 906x481)

Time for an upgrade?! The 3080 looks promising, albeit I'll wait for reviews.

(56.7 Kb, 720x960)

>>36565 lol, that last bit is exactly what I do too. Recently even looked at a 4TB drive (HDD) but no way on earth I'll go back to spinners ;)

Let's hope the Evo's won't be QLC.


>>36564 It's a strange choice to move to TLC for the Pro version, usually that's for the Evo. We'll have to wait and see for real world tests to know for sure.

I'm very happy with my 970 Evo so I don't think I'll be buying one anyway. Sometimes I think a second 1TB ssd would be good, but then I remember that if I deleted some of the shit off my drives I'd still have plenty of space XD


Yeah, I'll pass. One because I don't have a PCI-E motherboard and second I like my body with all organs cause I bet it will cost a liver.

I heard that it now uses TLC rather than MLC..?