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>>36413 Yes, I'm familiar with the gas/water heater system you now have. Up north (U.S.) there's still apartment buildings that use the old boiler/steam system for heating... I thought you may have that.

I read the information from the link you provided. Most interesting, I must say. Technology has come to realize natural resources aren't going to be underground forever and to start looking for alternatives. Plus, the system you show, isn't harmful to the environment and saves what we do have left.

(458.9 Kb, 1510x930)

And done.

I'll still have to do a bit under the radiator.

(39.7 Kb, 380x500)
example pic. Mine is too cramped for nice picture taking

>>36411 lol, no. Just plain old water radiator. There are 2 in the living room, one in my computer room, one in my bedroom, one in my shower room, and lastly one in my hall. Currently using natural gas to heat a HR boiler (in Dutch: HR Combiketel).

On an interesting note perhaps, where I live used to be several coal mines. The city of Heerlen has a project to flood those mine shafts with water which heats it up and then use it for various things.

Read more here: https://www.mijnwater.com/?lang=en


>>36400 Is that a steam radiator for your room heating?


>>36395 This is my lockdown song

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Pc room

>>36399 Yes, I have use double sided adhesive on several locations. That what I'll probably do here, cause I don't have a long enough bit for my screwudriver.


>>36396 Can't it be stuck in place with PSA (pressure sensitive adhesive) backed mounting tape? I've done something similar when routing wires to a wall mounted television.

You'll certainly be happier and the place will look tidy once it is in place.

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It's going to suck to attach..

>>36394 hahaha! I rather just dump his body in a shredder, compost for the daisies. ;)

Next project: more cable management.


The lockdown song? No, but kinda.


>>36392 Bonus: With the newly organized storage area, you'll be able to fit the quad driver's limp body on your new shelves


>>36392 Good work! I've been trying to keep the garden tidy and keep on top of the weeds. In between all that I try to do a bit of work on a project or two, or just a bit of gaming.

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Basement storage room

Role playing as a furry? I would've never guessed. ;p

Lately because of the weather I feeling constantly tired/flushed/drowsy, damn humidity. Luckily (ceiling) fans work great to combat that, and coffee of course. But that won't help you unfortunately.

I've cleaned up my storage room in the basement of the complex. I put shelving units all over the place. I had hoped the cool basement would aid me in the cleaning up process but alas I was drenched in sweat afterwards. Luckily it looks better then before (no before pix though).

Next up is cable management in my apartment. Bought 12m of cable gutter/trays. The first 3 meters is done ;)

Things to do in the future: Clean the balcony of unwanted plants (again), murder the loud quad driver who's not respecting the speed limit, buy a extractor hood for the kitchen (maybe).

(345.7 Kb, 608x1080)

Lots of this :D

* photo courtesy of Charlie