First heatwave in the NL

This week it was everyday above 25C and today, Friday, it was 34C. Hopefully tomorrow it will rain but I think it just will be very humid and sunny. We will c.

How are things over yonder?

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Damn, that's a lot of rain. Hopefully that humidity burns off quickly.


>>36385 Have to eat my words about not having rain. The hurricane that hit southern Texas last week, gave us a week of it. My rain gauge had a total of 4 1/2 inches when it finally stopped. Now, it's a steam bath outside.
I was just getting ready to follow your instructions, Oldballs.


>>36380 with your new pressure washer, you can set up your own mist park. Having it rain down a fine mist to cool you off in those high temps!


>>36382 Rain is always best for pumpkins, so long as they have a chance to dry out between rainfalls. They, just like watermelons, like water often, but do not like wet soil. It has to be well suited for drainage to prevent root rot or other fungi.

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>>36380 Those are insane temps! I hope you have a pool or something?

Ow shoot, wrong buddy. That question was for Oldballs. "Do pumpkins grow better with more or less rain?"


>>36372>>36376 Humidity dropped today to 45% but at 5:30 in the afternoon it's 101 (38.3 C). I have A/C. Few houses in Houston without it. No chance of rain in the forecast. Don't know too much about Pumpkins, Grim. They grow in northern states. I live in Watermelon country.
We haven't had too many mosquitos but the ones I've seen have a/c units strapped to their backs.


>>36371 Yikes! I hope you have air conditioning.

After a cloudy and rainy week it's a pleasant 19C with 20% humidity here today. Lots of butterflies in the garden today which is great to see :)


>>36371 Yikes. I don't mind heat but humidity above 60% is shit. No change of rain & thunderstorms in the evenings? Do pumpkins require more or less rain?

Here it's been on-and-off with the humidity. One day it's nice at 25C with low humidity, the other day it's 28C with 90% humidity (and sometimes drizzle).

One thing that's nice is the fact I didn't notice many mosquitoes. But there are quite a lot of flies.


>>0 Houston, TX to have 38-39 (C) this weekend with high humidity (80-90%). It's terrible outside.


No no, no refunds! I can send you a few HK's, though.


It's been cloudy with showers of rain and a bit cold for the time of year this week. I'm going to need a refund on that weather we sent you Grim! :D

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That time of year. Mid-high 80's (F) for the foreseeable future, and nary a drop of rain. Be sure to get out and enjoy it!

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Praise JC!

Whatever you did it is here. Hardly any sun yet still a nice 25C. Thank you, JesusChrist!


>>36352 Deal! We have a week of cloudy max 20C weather available for you. I'm not sure how I'm supposed to deliver it though :/


I just had some severe thunderstorms and heavy rain, Temp dropped to 19C but it's very humid now (90%). Tomorrow will be up to 27C again..pff.

Wanna trade? If you send some cool weather to me I'll allow the UK to stay in the EU ;)


I've had it over 22C all week. The last 3 days have been 28C, 30C, 27C. It was suggested today we would have a big thunderstorm but thankfully it didn't happen. Tomorrow looks like it'll be cooler with a bit of rain.
Why can't it just be 22C everyday!?! That would be just fine :D