Bought a Canon EOS 2000D

My first DSLR. Nothing too fancy though as I'm a beginner.

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I bought a Rebel D400 years back and it's still working fine. The original battery recharged for about 5 years and then kaput. The replacement (Canon) was quite expensive so I bought another for about half price. It's lasted over 6 years. Same for a wide-angle lens I purchased. Canon lenses are expensive and other lenses work just fine at half the price.


>>36295 Those mega zoom lenses are so expensive I suggest you start with something smaller! XD
Totally understand how it is with income lately, that's why I want you to be aware that you can still do so much with your camera for very little, and often, no extra expense :)

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Pretty big (that's what she said)

>>36292 Oh, the visual aide is handy, ty.

>>36293 For now I gotta keep the money in check cause I'm not getting paid enough with work.
But once were out of this (financial) pandemic I'll start browsing at those short tubes and telephoto lenses.

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And if you want to get closer to small objects so you can fill the frame then a cheap way to do that is to but some extension tubes, much cheaper than a macro lens. Extensions tubes work by pushing the lens further away from the sensor and therefore only a small part of the image hits the sensor. They aren't perfect though, the range of focus with tubes attached is very small so don't expect to be able to focus on anything more than a few inches away from the camera. Also finding the exact point of focus can be very difficult with all the tubes attached at once.

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Noice! Hopefully your seeing how different apertures allow for different depth of field (focus).
It's always good to have an idea of what aperture setting will perfectly get what you want in focus and blur out the background so it isn't distracting, unless of course you want the background in focus.

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The setup

Made a small album, please comment for improvement.


I'll give that a try, thank you.


>>36279 Nice! Now put the camera on a tripod or similar and put the camera in to aperture priority mode (A), then take the same shot several times but change the aperture each time starting at the lowest number work your way up to the max. Examine the photos afterwards and not the differences in the depth of field. This is a great way to learn how a new camera or lens works and what it can do :)

>>36280 Sweet! That sky sure is purty :)

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Yesterday evening. Shot from inside.

>>36270 German produces a lot of high quality tools. Except Volkswagen.

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First Makro shot

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Nice! Good choice too, you can't really go wrong with a Canon. You'll find so many lenses and accessories for this camera that will allow you to try out different types of photography at affordable prices.

I've looked at the iFixit kits in the past and I like then a lot. I have mostly replaced my 'cheap and cheerful' precision tools with Wera precision versions over recent years. I love the quality of Wera tools.


>>0 btw, this iFixit kit is pretty sweet. I had a knock-off brand before but the torx and hex bits wore out. I don't see that happening with these bits any time soon.

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And it even has wifi ;)

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It came with the (basic) lens.