It's Time For Lockdown!

Thankfully Boris has decided to try and lockdown the country seeing as lots of people weren't doing the right thing. Lets hope better late than never.

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>>36174 Well I guess it's a bit more serious than the government wanted to let on, he's now in ICU.


>>36171 Yeah, but it doesn't appear too serious currently, more of a precaution in case it gets any worse. He has passed the power of leading the country to his official stand in yet so it can't be that serious at the moment. However I'm pretty sure he's trying to down play the whole thing too.


>>36153 "In a rare good news story BoJo has tested positive for coronavirus. Maybe now the arsehole will take it a bit more seriously."

I just saw he's been admitted to the hospital.


The only booking I could get for online delivery was April the 10th, and this was 6 days ago.
They also upped the price for deliveries, the bastards.


Holy Shit! I managed to get a food delivery booked, it's not for 3 weeks but at least I know when I can next get some fresh food. I think if I'm careful I can make what I already have last that long. It's a big relief, although I'll keep my eye on other options just in case.


In a rare good news story BoJo has tested positive for coronavirus. Maybe now the arsehole will take it a bit more seriously.


The UK lockdown is pretty weak. People can go out once a day for a walk or run. They can go to a shop whenever they need food. People can still go to work if they can't do their job at home.
A lot of non-essential shops have closed but only because people have stopped going, not because they were made to stop.
And to top off the 'extreme measures' being taken by the government anyone found out in public in a group of several people of more might be fined as much as £30!?!?!?!
It's no wonder people aren't taking this shit seriously.


We've been on a semi-lockdown for 2 weeks now.

Yesterday I went to the Sligro (supermarket for foodservice businesses) and I wasn't allowed in! They only allowed 1 customer per business and you had to wear gloves.

*ps: they have free samples of food


Meanwhile Trump is giving is giving a press conference...