Home made

Not a cake cause that's a lie.

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Chocolate sunflower bread sounds pretty nice, I'll have to try it out.

Flapjacks are crunchy but you can make them soft too.

My veggy garden is a bit overgrown currently but I do have some lettuce and radishes grown in containers in my conservatory :)


Thanks! It's sunflower bread with pure chocolate. I just needed to add water, let it rise, and then bake for roughly 1 hour at 190dG Celsius. I added the chocolate sprinkles myself to make it more pleasant.

A flapjack..oh like a muesli bar? Isn't that rather dry?
Don't you have your own vegetable garden?


Nice work, what is it?
I made some flapjacks the other day because I was running out of biscuits :D