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>>36137 I'm not sure if it's obvious (*cough* brexit *cough*) but most British people are cunts! However it should be noted they lack the depth and warmth.


Huh, nothing like that >>36134 happening here. Everything is fully stocked. And I can still order online, however I can no longer pick a time.


I've been unable to get my usual food delivery, I can't book with any food delivery company and each day at midnight when new slots open up they are gone immediately :/
I've resorted to buying random items from amazon and ebay :\
I have enough food for a few weeks now, I hope things will improve by then, but I don't actually expect it.


>>36126 GRIM..Hello yourself!
Just got back from the grocers and much to my surprise, the entire vegetable department was full to the brim!! Canned vegetables were restocked and the meat dept. was filling up to.
Then, I went to get some Kleenex and folks were still filling their baskets with toilet paper! I just shook my head.

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goodgrief, hello!!

Hoarders come and go and they never learn.

Some local supermarkets have made rules for a max amount of products per customer. They did it too when some people were hoarding baby milk (powdered milk, I think) because China ran out of it.


>>36115 Thanks, J.C. Good to visit once again. I see the humor is still in full swing. I've looked at this site a few times but haven't commented.
There's news today about Trump enacting some old law made back during the Korean War which gives him more power during a disaster. Funny that when the H1N1 virus came calling, we dropped dead, the stores had food and the planes flew.
Those bottle caps Grim mentioned can be tacked to a paint stick (2 or 3 on the end) and go at it!


Good to see you again goodgrief!
>>36110 Exactly. In reality there is plenty to go around it's just the hoarders have messed up the usual flow of things. I hope things will improve in the coming weeks and resources will get to those that need them.

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Restaurant supply companies are probably still well stocked with these economy-sized monsters because of all the restaurants that have closed.


I hope you mean tp and not the bottle caps :D


>>36098 I check my supply and I think I might be rich! :D
Also if I run out I'm just going to rub my arse on the floor like a dog! XD

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I guess I can throw these away.. :(


Yeah, people are mass buying hand gel, and sanitizers. Not so much on tp, though. At least not in Limburg.


I stand corrected, it's already start here too :/


It's a bit mad how they are out there currently, but I'm sure it'll happen here soon enough :/

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I accidentally hit enter except of backspace while typing in the title..sigh..anyway Australian humor or is it humour?