Ciara blows!

The storm named Ciara is currently raging over the Netherlands. Wind speed up to 130 KMH / ~80 MPH are reached. Nothing compared to a tornado but still impressive. The temperature is mild or even warm for normal winter weather at 1around 12 degree Celcius.

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>>36056 Yeah we added that beer because people had stopped drinking corona for some reason.

In the UK we've had a Conservative government for 11 years. They have completely cut central government funding to local councils so things like drainage & road maintenance have stopped. Why people voted them in again is beyond me.

I've just spoken with some neighbours and my niece who tell me all the local roads are flooded and even the school down the road is flooded a bit. I was very lucky not to get it in my house it seems. 2 houses down the lane from me had water in, 1 only about 1cm the other about 20cm. :/
The neighbour who flooded the worst is actually a local town councillor and is trying to get a meeting with the main council and us to try and get our blocked road drain repaired. I'm not expecting much to happen.


Damn you would think the council/government would take preemptive measures to combat flooding of the town(s). At least that's what they do in the Netherlands.

The only thing we have here near Veenendaal are strong winds and rain.

Ps: that's a nice beer.


Woke to lots of water out the front of the house but thankfully the house isn't at threat. The worst should be over so fingers crossed it starts to dry up a bit although it looks like there will be occasional showers all week. Meh :/


>>36050 True, but it was one hell of a party!


>>36049 looks like someone clogged the toilet

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It's Time To Rinse & Repeat

We've had Storm Ciara, now it's time for Storm Dennis!!! :/


We've had it here in the UK for a couple of days. Incredibly where I am we haven't had any flooding, and the strong winds don't appear to have brought down any trees. On Sunday morning we had 1 very loud, so very close, clap of thunder, and a couple of hours ago it was blowing a gale and hailing at the same time :/
Hopefully the worst is past now but it looks like there is more wind and ahead in the coming week.