Lots of rains = lots of flooding :/

Thankfully my house is fine and doesn't look like it will flood, but at least one of my neighbours down the road has water in their house and roads are flooded all over the place.
I'm going to keep yelling at the clouds until they go away!

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>>35896 Yeah, she wasn't too happy...

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>>35894 With the queen? Wow, how rude!


Meanwhile it's back to rain around here :/
Thankfully not as bad as last time but many local roads are closed again so I had to cancel an appointment.


Holy hell, -22 C. No more peeing outside ;)


>>35891 Yikes! That's pretty cold!

-9 F this morning

Another snowfall yesterday. Bringing our totals so far to measure over 12 inches. We are forecast to have another 2-3 inches to fall tomorrow morning.

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Just keep on cycling

>>35877 "If they are out and see you clearing your own, they often stop and award you with a coupon for donuts or pizza from local establishments."

Now that is a good motivator.

>>35877>>35880 It's pretty much the same in the Netherlands. (Local) government clear the main roads with salt, pavements are a responsibility for home-owners and businesses. But schools don't close.


>>35877 Damn! That is some well organised shit! In England when it snows, even just a dusting, people just act like it's then end of days. Schools close, salt for the roads instantly becomes in short supply and the media and government worry the economy is going to collapse because someone couldn't get to work!?! XD


>>35876 The city does a good job of clearing the streets, as well as applying salt and sand. Most municipalities place out barrels of sand in neighborhoods locals to add to icy areas as needed. As far as sidewalks go, it's up to the home and business owners to clear their own within 24 hours or face fines (pay the city to send someone out to clear). Our fire department volunteers go around and clear the hydrants for safety. If they are out and see you clearing your own, they often stop and award you with a coupon for donuts or pizza from local establishments.


>>35875 mm..not enough for fun times.

Are winter tires mandatory in your state, Oldballs?
And does the city/state do something to clean the snow from the (main) roads/sidewalk? Or do they at some point just give up? ;)

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A view from the office

Woke to snow again today


>>35850 We've had a few nights of freezing. We had some surprise snow last week. In total we had around 8" of snow last week. It snowed the morning of Halloween, so all the costumes had to fit over proper winter wear. It melted away on Sunday, but we are forecasted to have 20-30f degree weather all this week. Unseasonably cool indeed.


It's been down to about 2C at night here earlier in the week but it's 14.5C today!?!

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And how's the temperature, Jesus?

Here it has already frozen at night. No snow though :(

And how's the weather at Oldballs location?


>>35844 Nice! Thankfully we didn't have any rain again until a little bit this afternoon.

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Sunshine all week

Proper British weather at last!


Thankfully it's drying up quickly, and isn't expected to rain for a few days.


Good gravy JC, hope you stay dry. Give those clouds what for!

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Under that wooden circle is the well. Apparently it needs to be bigger :D

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The view down the road to town. Yes that is a Land Rover that broke down in the water!?! It belongs to a local famous (on TV) gardener. It should have been fine in that much water but apparently the clutch decided that was the perfect moment to break. Driver error can't be ruled out :D