Server Switched - Some Things May Not Work!?!

Switched from the RasPi to the Odroid. Report any problems in this thread or email

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added to my chain mailing list ;)


Because GoDaddy are cunts and have decided to end my free email account for merlins-bar I've created a new admin email account through gmail, I've updated the website to reflect this. Gmail insisted I add a number so I figured 911 made sense as it's for emergencies :D

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>>36054 no need to overwork yourself. It works as you can see, even on mobile.


>>36053 Yeah I'm not sure what the error is at this point or whether it's part of the current server issues or an older issue relating to other changes. I'm so tired after 2 days of repairing this that I can't think any more :/


Turns out I have firefox on my tablet which is synced with my main PC. But I couldn't register a new account on my phone.

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And Hopefully We're Back

Sorry for all the down time. It's been a pain the arse! I pretty much had it all done only to fuck it up and have to start again.
There will still be some down time here and there as I finish up other things and make some fresh images of the drive.

If there is something not working as expected let me know.


So far so good :)


I figured I'd try clearing out the nvram as much as possible yesterday evening and see if that fixed things. Since then I'm not seeing any issues in the router logs so I'll postpone a refresh on the router for now and see how it goes for the rest of today.


The router is fine, I guess it's just the down side of using custom firmware and testing out different configurations etc.

Just like Windows after a while it's best to delete it and reinstall instead of trying to clear out all the shit :D

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>>35827 aha. Time to upgrade the router?


Sorry for the connection problems. My router is being a dick and randomly loosing settings because it's settings storage is getting full. For some reason port forwarding rules seem to be the first settings to vanish. This is why the site wasn't reachable.

I was testing some vpn settings on it recently and I think the settings for that probably upset things. It's a pain that the settings storage is quite small but it has plenty of room for external storage and the cpu and ram have lots of capacity left too.

I'll do a full wipe and re do all the current settings soon and that should fix things up.


>>35815 Yarp! I was doing some maintenance on the server and for some reason the network connection to the internet died but the local network was fine so it wasn't obvious. I noticed it this morning and rebooted and it's all fine now.


Site was down yesterday evenig/early this morning.


>>35796 Good to know, I was a bit worried something would seriously fuck up seeing as I needed to make a couple of tiny adjustments in the directory structure on the server :D

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no, no, you know what I mean

Btw, everything feels & looks fine from my end.


This comment is false.


>>35785 Nice :)


Hopefully this comment works...