Coming this Fall....Jerry Springer is Judge Jerry!

Yours truly, will be appearing on an upcoming episode.

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I did like the creative writing comment :D


On the "no insurance" question, yes, it is illegal, that's why he was cited for that, but only results in a fine of $500.

The TV show gave me a check for the judgement amount, plus appearance fee and per diem. So as far as millions go, I got my .53% of a million dollars.

I felt really good about the creative writing comment. Came to me on the fly. The kid seemed to give me a few opportunities like that. The other was his comment about the police not knowing what they're talking about.


Nice, and good you won. I liked the creative writing part, lol.

>>36041 I'm pretty sure driving without insurance isn't allowed.


That was good, I enjoyed it. So is it legal not to have insurance in the US/your state? In the UK he would have faced a fine and points on, or even losing, his drives licence. Sadly though a lot of people here don't have insurance because it's very expensive.
I'm curious, did the guy who crashed in to you have to pay you or did the tv show cover the costs?


>>36038 Thanx, downloading and watching later too.

Do people recognize you now since you're a celebrity? ;)


>>36038 Sweet! I'm downloading it now and I'll watch it this evening :)


I've uploaded the episode here:


>>36002 Sweet, I'll see if I can find it somewhere :D


>>36002 Cool!

But the real question is: did you win (million of dollars)?

(269.5 Kb, 2048x1536)

My episode finally aired...Episode #113. I am working to get a copy of it that I can upload for those outside of the broadcast area.

The general consensus is that I look like an angry guy.


September 9th, 2019


I look forward to seeing it when it's out.


Will share the US air date info and any links to viewing that I come across.


Lot's of fun details I'd love to share, but multiple pages of legal documents that I have applied my autograph to that limit me.

Legally, all I am allowed to share on SocMedia is "I have appeared on Judge Jerry"

I'll take a risk and let you know that it was an exciting experience.


This sounds interesting, care to share more info?

(23.5 Kb, 262x262)

No shit?! Any juicy details?

And can I get an autograph ib4 you get famous?