The last episode (S8E4) was fucked up for several reasons, number 1 being [spoiler] and secondly the poor writing.

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The Chernobyl mini-series on HBO currently is very good, but I think it's only going to be 5 episodes.

I liked the ending of GoT, I think it got it about right.


>>35501 I've seen that one, a solid series.

>>35496 I stopped watching TWD after the pace became as slow as the zombies. I did watch snippets of the Negan story line.

At least now it's finally over (GoT). On to the next.


If you can find it...Jericho was a series that came out years ago and was really unique at the time. As I think back on it, it was the same format as the survival from circumstances, progressing to thriving, then faced with tribal battles eventually.


>>35498 I agree. I enjoyed season 1 of The 100 but in season 2 it just became another tribal warfare affair much like The Walking Dead is now.


Get shorty looked good. I think I saw the pilot and dug it. Good acting, good filthy characters.


"The 100" begins to fall off and take on a hunger games feel to it. Season one is great, beyond that it goes stale

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Things to follow, things to see

Shameless, looking at life worse than mine. I should start watching again.
The 100 is on my 'to-watch list'.


>>35491 "Walking Dead (really getting bored with this one)"
You're not the only one. I don't know of anyone watching this show that still thinks it's any good, any yet somehow we still watch!?! :S


>>35483 Recently, Shameless (US), The 100 (with the kids), Walking Dead (really getting bored with this one). Better Call Saul, Stranger Things.


What series do you watch, Oldballs?


>>35477 I assumed that was it. I have yet to see an episode. I've heard many references to it, but not enough yet to convince me to watch.


>>35476 Tits & Dragons... ...err I mean Game of Thrones :)

The reality is Benioff & Weiss were employed to make a tv series from a series of books. Sadly the series of books hasn't been completed so they then had the task of writing the story too. What they've come up with is fine, but there are some odd pacing issues at times. It's perhaps inevitable as the story concludes. I'm still enjoying it :)


I Have No Idea What You Are Talking About.

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You can George R R R R R R R R R R R R R Martin to that list.

This season and last feel rushed at times. I'd have liked to see them take their time instead of sudden jumps in tine.