Frankenstein meets Linux Mint (Tara)

A match made on a slab in a lab ;)

Honestly of all the versions this is the one that worked without any issues. Now the only thing to try is installing the Nvidia driver and trying out some games or whatever.

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Yeah, tried them all. Luckily it's such an easy, free, and quick installation.


>>35213 There's probably some bizarre command line instructions you have to use to make it work. It is Linux after all :D


And it works again. First thing I did was a to schedule daily backups ;)

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Well fuck me sideways. Got some upgrades and had to restart only to find out the graphics drivers didn't work anymore :(
Tried all the solutions but none worked. Stuck on internal (intel) graphics.
And of course I forgot to make a backup, silly me. Oh well, lesson learned..back to reinstall the OS <sigh>

ps: It was on some Open Source driver which worked, I switched after it installed some updates to the Nvidia driver and at the restart I got the message it used the 3D accelerated chip (Intel). I couldn't change to the other drivers either. Removing those and reinstalling didn't work either. After an hour of messing about I just gave up. Back to a fresh install.


I've found the Nvidia drivers to be unstable on linux in the past, but I tried in a while so maybe it's better now.
I haven't tried any games on linux, might be worth a try :)