DIY Bench

I made a PC bench from spare parts. Now I can test certain things without restrictions. Hooray to hoarder me ;)

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>>35017 Yeah, dual boot is a pain in the arse :/
Take a deep breath and find your zen place...
...then get back to work!!! ;D


Dunno but I gave up on dual boot windows/linux.
Even SteamOS wouldn't install. Can't be arsed atm. Also stress at work doesn't help (deadline and stuff)


I wonder if this is still actively maintained, most Debian based linux's have been using Debian 9 for a while now.

Never easy

>>35014 ugh..well that was disappointing. Turns out during the installation it asks for a CD-ROM. A CD-ROM?!
Darn, I only have a dvd-player, Gabe. I know that works too but on the website it never states you need a cd-rom drive. Classic Linux again?

Turns out you should install using Expert mode and mount the usb as /cdrom <roll-eyes>
Will try that later today..


I'm going to try SteamOS in the weekend. At least that should install fairly easy.


Some linux distros are still of the old school of everything being super technical and difficult so the people using it can feel superior. This is a big part of why linux has never been a real threat to windows. Linux doesn't have to be difficult to use though, Android and MacOS prove that. Even Raspian and Ubuntu are simple as long as you don't get any major problems that need bash commands to fix.


I've never tried Kubuntu either. I was hoping it would install as easy as Ubuntu or NOOBS but alas. Back to more testing with virtuals, I guess.


>>35002 Grub is the difficult of a multi OS install. There are some useful GUI tools you can use in linux to help set it up, but it always feels a bit fragile to me.
I managed to completely kill a windows install once when I tried to remove grub. Learning is much fun :/
I haven't tried Kubuntu but I find Ubuntu very simple to install usually.

The later Haswells are nice CPU's, my brothers 18" Alienware laptop has on and it's still very quick.

(276.6 Kb, 1360x823)

The difference a processor (& cooler) can make?
The i5-4670k (Haswell) paired with the Corsair H100i run really warm compared to the i7-4790k (Haswell-refresh) paired with the Noctua NH-U12S.
I remember that the first Haswell cpu's were hotheads but I forgot how hot again..and this is with the pump and fans at 100%!

>>35000 Well, apparently installing a fresh version of Kubuntu isn't as easy as it sounds. It booted the whole time to the GRUB menu, and I'm no expert with that. I got so frustrated I installed good ol' W7.


>>34996 Ubuntu and it variants are pretty straight forward, and they'll make this hardware feel faster than it did running windows :D

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It works!

Now to figure out Kubuntu :S

(784.0 Kb, 1548x1319) for added value ;)

(850.4 Kb, 1548x1375)

And fitted with hardware. I also changed the rad mounting as this is somewhat easier, although I might change it later again as it isn't very sturdy.

(84.8 Kb, 600x487)

Welp, that'll be is name: Frankenstein.

(47.9 Kb, 552x403)


Perfect timing to build a Frankenstein Computer :D

(887.0 Kb, 1441x1502)

Obviously I still need to add the cpu, cpu cooler, and ram. Will do that [s]tomorrow[/s]..erm later today.

(878.3 Kb, 1667x1419)

Parts used: Mobo tray and back from an old CaseLabs (RIP) M8 case, Legs from the Lian Li PC-O5SX, 2.5" drive from a waaaay older Lian Li case, Lian Li PE-01B PSU bracket, and lastly two XSPC radiator brackets.