Finally Got New Drives For My Laptop :)

After the expense of the summer on the house I delayed buying new drives for my laptop. Thankfully the time has come for a new 1Tb 970 Evo SSD for the OS and apps and a 2Tb HDD for my data and less used apps.

Instead of just cloning the current drives I'm going to start from scratch so I'll be probably be switching drives back and forth for a few days as it will take ages to get it all setup again!

Let the battle commence!!! :D

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>>35106 This is the perfect metaphor for life as we know it :D

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I don't want to make a new post so I'll leave this here


If you mean the 'last BIOS time' then it's currently 7.1. It's worth remembering this isn't how long it takes to boot windows but how long after powering on did the bios hand over control to windows. Usually the bios time is under 10 seconds. If it's over then you may need to check the bios settings.

As for how long my laptop takes to boot to a usable desktop then I have no idea, but it's pretty quick. The boot time seems a little quicker with the nvme compared to the sata but you'll only notice full speed when copying between 2 nvme drives/partitions or when working with large files.

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Taskmanager (Work PC)

indeed, a lesson learned. MS is still shit.

So how fast does your laptop boot up into the OS? Do you notice how much faster certain programs or games load?


Another good reason never to download apps from windows store :/

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<rant on> OMG! Windows store (games) creates a folder that you can't ever get full access over. You can't change any of the permissions, seriously MS, WHAT THE FUCK!

Luckily moving 488GB of games to my sata ssd doesn't take that long (so I can format the drive). But c'mon..
<rant over>

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c'mon faster!

So many games to install!

>>35067 Yeah, price is back to €275 now! :O


Nice! Not a bad price for all that sweet speed :D

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Left the Dutch site, right the UK.

Just ordered a 970 EVO 1TB for 'only' €222, a belated Black Friday discount. Not the cheapest but one that's ready available. Plus I get a free game voucher :D

I guess that will be my Steam drive ;)


In theory external pcie is possible with thunderbolt 3 through a usb-c port, but I don't know if any devices actually exist to use a nvme ssd externally that way.


I think Silverstone has a usb to M.2 enclosure and it looks like a massive usb stick. Sadly only M.2 b keys (sata-600), I think.

-edit- Support 2242 form factors of B key M.2 SATA SSD :(


Yes those are the ones. Pretty useful to have around, along with a sata to usb cable, so you can access m.2 sata drives externally too.


Damn ali link.. shorter version:

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(58.1 Kb, 640x640)

>>35024 something like this?,searchweb201602_1_10065_10068_319_317_10548_10696_10192_10084_453_454_10083_10618_10304_10307_10820_10301_10821_537_536_10843_5733211_5733311_10059_10884_5733411_10887_100031_321_322_10103_5733611_5733111_5733511,searchweb201603_51,ppcSwitch_0&algo_expid=e1f1d302-e850-420c-a4da-f04e3a84da6c-1&algo_pvid=e1f1d302-e850-420c-a4da-f04e3a84da6c


>>35021 Sadly nothing anyone can do with a broken SSD. I'm kind of surprised they don't just use a m.2 sata ssd in a little caddy/adapter for the 2.5" ssds. I need to get another of those adapters so I can use my old alienware m.2 ssd in another laptop with only 2.5" sata drive slots. I have one but it doesn't have mounting points to fit a 2.5" slot.

(2130.1 Kb, 2752x1675)
CPU vs 250GB ssd (rip)

I don't have Windows pro, only Home. And so far the only one that got a bit fucked up by MS' recent updates is my main pc (folder missing). Though if they upgraded my Home to Pro that would be neat ;)

In other news, one of my 2.5" Samsung 850 250GB ssd died. Nothing worked, even cpr or mouth to port failed. So I went for an autopsy but unfortunately couldn't get one of the tiny torx screws out, so it won't be an open casket. But it does show how tiny the 250GB inners was. I mean we can get 1TB on a 22 by 80 mm piece of PCB nowadays.


>>35019 Apparently they think they've fixed it and it should be sorted for people soon. Thankfully none of my computers have been affected, hopefully the same for you.
While this issues wasn't a big problem the problems caused by people trying to fix it has caused all sorts of chaos.
Windows 10 is a disaster lately! Now where did I leave my Dos 5 install disk...

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wtf google??


Thankfully MS are getting a lot of criticism for the current problems so perhaps they'll change there development process.


As with most things: testing testing testing!
Nowadays that falls on the users :(


>>34986 It's just incredibly how hoe much data these top end drives can fit on them :O

>>34997 I'm pretty sure it'll get forced out in the next few weeks, but I'd be happier if they binned it :/


1904 won't come ..maybe this month or maybe next year?

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499 euro is all

pfffour..teen is better


>>34977 Well that's why I have 4Tb of network storage ;D


WHat, 3TB can't be enough! Where will you leave the por..erm art? ;)


>>34971 Thankfully I don't see myself ever using that slot.


The only 2240 I can find is only 480GB for £112.90


The 3 M.2 slots are all for drives, but sadly one of them is only half length and there aren't many drives that size.

IDE SSD's could be pretty useful for some ancient legacy server. It's amazing how some large companies still have ancient computers doing jobs for them. Generally it's because it works and the cost of recreating the software running on them, probably 16bit, for modern hardware would be super expensive.

(177.2 Kb, 1713x1107)

>>34946 3x M.2 SSD's? Surely one is for wlan?

lol, I just noticed that there are even IDE SSD's.


How can you tell it's working unless you have lots of ultra-bright LED's to tell you XD

I would have loved to get a 2TB sata m.2 for my data drive but those prices are still much for me.

(81.6 Kb, 751x524)
write speeds

>>34960 yeah, the more up-2-date boards already have 3, and most support PCI-E and SATA M.2's!

Now we wait for prices to drop on 2TB ssd's cause holy batman those are expensive!

(950.6 Kb, 1709x1358)
SilverStone SST-ECM22

After some failed attempts (read: faulty drive) I finally got it working, although I currently don't have a card in the mobo's M.2 slot. It should work, according to MSI, so now I save for a 1TB PCIe M.2 :D

Btw, the one thing that annoys me already is the blue&red blinking LED's. But that's why I have duct tape.


>>34959 Nice! I expect we'll see a increased number of M.2 connectors on mobo's in the future.

(1249.0 Kb, 2064x1242)
SilverStone SST-ECM22

So bought this handy dandy adapter; the SilverStone SST-ECM22, for expanding my M.2 collection. ;)

The adapter card is limited though, as it can only take a SATA M.2 in the top slot and a PCIe M.2 in the bottom slot. However they can be used at the same time. Alas the M.2 sata does need a data cable to the mobo.. a small price to pay ;)

The 960 is only in there to check if it works [it does]. Most likely I will occupy the bottom M.2 slot on the mobo with the 1TB 970 EVO and relocate the sata M.2 MX500 1TB to the adapter leaving me one extra PCIe m.2 slot open.
The 960 will eventually go in an AMD build.


>>34953 That's crazy! It's fundamental that you have to be able to trust an OS with your data. It seems like 1809 should be dropped and they should concentrate on bug fixing and release it as 1904.


Man, wtf is MS doing? Letting children write the codes?


Nice chair! :)

The prices of SSD's has dropped a lot in the last 6 months, especially NVME models. I'm actually quite pleased I wasn't able to get my new drives sooner :D

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Damn, 'only' €266. Pity I'm broke atm. But at least I have a new comfortable bed and chair.


>>34948 Buy that drive now!!!! XD

I read about the problems which is why I wanted to install it BEFORE I put my data back on the drive :D
MS re-released it last week but only for insiders to test. I guess it'll be another week or two before it gets a general release again.

As for a fresh install fixing problems, I'm pleased to see the networking seems more reliable, I'd been having problems with explorer seeing my server. Firefox still occasionally leaves behind orphaned background processes but I'm pretty sure that's just a weird bug in Firefox, or one of my plugins.
Generally it all feels a bit quicker so worth the effort.

(27.9 Kb, 603x187)
sweet price at lambda :/

They recalled the 1809 update as it deleted some random folders and/or audio issues. I had all folders in my Downloads folder erased and also had mouse port issues (power option was reset to turn off power when idle). So best to stay at the stable 1804.


...I think maybe the new 1809 has only been re-released for windows insiders. Oh well I'll just have to put up with it fucking everything up 10 seconds after I get it setup as I want it :/


The 1Tb 970 was £243 and the 2Tb HDD was £67, both from Lambda-Tek, The price between SATA and NVME is so small now I figured that the faster speed and double the expected lifetime of the NVME made it the best choice.

I downloaded the latest Win10 meedia creation tool to make a usb installer and find to my anoyance it installed 1804 and not 1809!!! It seems I can't force 1809 either :/
I wanted it to be 1809 before I installed everything just to avoid any problems! Grrrr!
I'll keep trying to force it.

No DVD player, I don't think any laptops have them these days, but I can fit 1 HDD and 3 M.2 SSD's in my laptop. I have 4Tb of storage on my network and 2.5Tb on my server.

(150.3 Kb, 1527x1142)
playah to drive adapter boy

Sweeeeet 1TB! How much has that set you back?
Last months I discovered that a 512GB is a wee bit on the small side for both W10 and a few games. But having fast internet speeds help to compensate that. Still I want one.

Network storage can be handy.
Or just keep the disks and use them as backups.

BTW: does your laptop still have a dvd-player? Do you use it much? Potentially it can be converted to another disk drive