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>>34966 Could be interesting for doing a tour of the galaxy.


>>34964 neat

(261.3 Kb, 1080x462)

Hello Games have announced the next update, due next week, The Abyss!

It's a whole underwater thing...
"A new free update is releasing next week for all players. We've called it The Abyss, because it focuses on some of the eerier elements of No Man's Sky, in keeping with the theme of this season."


mm..maybe I should properly start playing the main missions, rather than all the side missions.


I think the least amount of jumps is about 300. It can be much higher depending on your hyperdrive distance, thankfully mine is pretty good.


So how many jumps does it take to get to the center of it? ;)


So I finally got to the centre of the first (Euclid) galaxy and I warp to the centre. Unlike on my previous game I didn't get a choice of new galaxy, and the second one doesn't seems very interesting. Previously you could choose what type of galaxy you wanted. On top of that all your stuff breaks in your exosuit, ship and multitool except those in the special technology slots. I figured I'd use a portal to get to the centre of the second galaxy and warp through to the 3rd but you can't do that any more either. You can no longer use the galaxy map or summon your freighter when you have used a portal to get somewhere, you can only go back through the portal. FFS!!! >:(
I kept a save from before I left the first galaxy, I might just stay there I think.


Just tried the unlimited carbon 'bug/cheat/thing' and it worked :)


Yeah, very handy to take out fortified doors and/or those big walkers.


I can't fly at 0u/s so it would be difficult, I'll try it next time I'm in the game. Is that a mod that allows to be stationary?


Can you do this too (see video)? You get infinite carbon cause the 'tree' doesn't take any damage.


I saw there are 3 new upgrades for the vehicles; drift, slide, and another one. They also added a motorcycle-ish variant. And it looks like they added more slots to the vehicles.

Turns out the mods were the issue of not being able to control the exocraft.
I'll have to wait till they update them.

And yes, all the land vehicles controls are shit.

Pity. Running at 150fps does feel sweet ;)


>>34916 Sadly my laptop doesn't have g-sync :/ but 60fps is plenty for me, even though it was running at about 110fps before.

The controls for the exocraft are terrible! Why they didn't use a standard vehicle control set up is beyond me.

(118.5 Kb, 1051x607)
In Dutch (sorry)

I have an issue with controlling the exocraft(s), or actually lack of control. It might be due to the mods so I must test that.

Doesn't your nvidia laptop have an g-sync monitor? If so you can also adjust settings in nvidia's configuration/Control panel.


>>34912 I took a quick look at the new exocraft but haven't spent any time trying the upgrades yet.
I hope the new exocraft summoning station can be easily carried around from planet to planet. The hassle of having to build it from numerous items every time made it pointless.

I think I fixed my 'freezing/pausing' issue in the game by enabling v-sync. I'm not entirely sure why that fix works though as the GPU, or CPU, wasn't at 100% any way :/ It works though, so yay :D


Update 1.63!
"A large update focused on improving and extending planetary exocraft", according to the developer—has now rolled out, and includes the "rugged, fast-moving" new exocraft, Pilgrim.

"The existing exocraft have also been tweaked," the studio writes in a recent developer blog. "Multiplayer racing has been fixed, inventory sizes have been increased, and summoning has been made easier. Geobays now only need to be built once – after that, all owned exocraft can be summoned with unlimited range on any planet where you’ve constructed a new Exocraft Summoning Station."

There are also new upgrades for all exocraft—including the new pilgrim, of course—available from the Exocraft Technicians, plus you can now customise your preferred grip or drift levels, as well as choose from a "full range of colours, decals and boost flame effects".


(1864.1 Kb, 2560x1440)
Cardassian Union flag

This Star Trek Flag mod does work. Only for the outposts and space stations.


>>34892 Yes! And beam-me-up sound effects when entering and exiting vehicles/spacecrafts. And would a holo-deck be asking too much? ;)
Or at least the ability to sit in a chair and drink hot Earl Grey while enjoying the view..

There's also a mod that changes the flags to Star Trek versions but it didn't work on my build. Could be just broken (not updated) or because I already have a mod that changes that container.


>>34889 The monitors look pretty cool. Be nice to have that on all monitors in bases.


Mods used in that screenshot:
- Star Trek LCARS Monitors (engage!)
- Black Space (duh)
- Speed Line Overhaul (not as crappy as OC)


>>34882 The pulse engine light effect seems more colourful, or is that just because it's a still image?

(1895.1 Kb, 2560x1440)
Can you spot the mod?

>>34880 Ah, Artemis..yeah, sorry lad. No haven't finished it yet..that's probably why I don't have them yet. But I do have portal access.

I have done a few of those mission, yes. I bought a special helmet. All the other stuff I don't want.


>>34878 Yeah, those are indeed landing pads. According to the wiki, https://nomanssky.gamepedia.com/Base_Computer, it looks like you currently acquire the blueprint, and some others, using the base computer once you've got to a certain point in the Artemis mission path.

The Artemis path is pretty useful as it unlocks the Portals so you can instantly transport pretty much anywhere in the galaxy. I used it to go to a well known system to fins a sweet 48 slot S class hauler :)

Have you been doing the weekly community events? It on week 4 now and you can earn Quicksilver which you can use to buy completely useless crap to go in your base, like decals and statues. I'm saving my Quicksilver in case something good appears later on.

(2064.6 Kb, 2560x1440)
Mod: Less stripes during warp+no nebula

>>34872 btw, what are those white/orange square things? Are those the landing pads? When do they unlock?

I really should do some main missions. All I've been doing are most of the side missions.


>>34871>>34872 Noice! Plenty 'o' room.

(290.6 Kb, 1920x1080)

(253.6 Kb, 1920x1080)

>>34867 Cool! Looks useful.

I like this save editor for making little fixes and adjustments.

My Base >>>

(864.6 Kb, 2560x1440)

Had the wrong link. This one works
this mod is a must have! MORE BASE INTERACTION V.3

It creates extra save locations (bed, couch), gives resources from the plants, adds extra storage space inside cabinets (YES!), and much more!

(1781.7 Kb, 2560x1440)

I finally got the stairs in the cuboid room to stick. I had to place some floors in the ceiling (I know) first than I could snap the stairs. It's just as clumsy as with Fallout 4. Same goes for adding railings (short walls) on cuboids, they just won't snap at all nor align perfectly.


>>34862 Nice! I haven't used that curved glass, I must take a look :)

I've been trying to build mine too and finding it a real pain in the arse at times. I can never get things to line up or tessellate. The ladders are horrific for a tall tower. I tried to use the stairs and it just wouldn't let me :/

I agree with everyone of your points, I don't understand why we can't upgrade storage on ships and bases etc. I've considered using a mod for that too.

Whenever I teleport to my bas I land near the front door, where the base computer is, and immediately I thrown to the bottom of the lake in front of my base. EVERY. FUCKING. TIME! XD

I saw someone mention on reddit that if games has no bugs and glitches they wouldn't be worth playing, so I guess we should be happy :D

(2332.5 Kb, 2560x1440)

I deleted my base and started over, now less sentinels spawn inside my base.

Things they need to change (WIP):
- Storage containers with more than 5 slots (at least there's a mod that stacks items to 1000 but still just 5 slots available)
- Create or buy slots for space ships, vehicles, and maybe even freighters.
- Those damn ladders with more than 2 floors, no matter the orientation of the stairs you will always climb all the way up or down.
You want to go to the middle floor? <insert evil laugh>
- I can't seem to place stairs in a dual or triple height cuboid room.
- Landing spot with the space ship frequently overflies my desired choice. Guess I have to use the rover again :(
- Sentinels sometimes spawn inside your base. Can't shoot them..
- Beds, chairs, and other furniture is just for show. C'mon let us relax a little..and enjoy the view.


>>34857 I must take a closer look at the mods at some point.

(1618.2 Kb, 2560x1440)

This No Nebula mod is great for performance, and looks more natural. Although I can't be sure as I haven't been to space yet.


ah yeah, didn't know that, thanx!

Yeah, not all bugs are gone. But that's what the boltcaster is for ;)

(188.2 Kb, 1024x768)

>>34848 Yeah I got the update, still lots more bugs that need fixing :D

>>34847 You can just abandon any missions that are glitched. The option is at the bottom right of the screen (see image >>>).


So there's a new patch number 160.
Just a few:
- Added the ability to customise the player's body shape in the Appearance Modifier.
- Enabled quick menu keybinding for PC players
- Fixed an issue that could prevent other players' bases from downloading while exploring.
- Restored the ability to use keys/buttons on the Quick Transfer inventory popup.
- Dying after falling into space no longer removes items from your inventory. Falling into space
in Permadeath will reset your character into a safe position instead of killing you.
- Added additional landing pads to the Space Anomaly and Atlas Stations.
- Fixed an issue that prevented deleted bases from being cleared out from the teleporter list.
Any new deleted bases will be automatically removed. Existing entries may have to be visited to successfully be removed from the list.
- Fixed an issue that caused players with Teleporters to be returned to their Base Computer instead of the Teleporter Terminal.
- Introduced a number of optimisations to the audio system and fixed some audio glitches.
- Fixed some missing audio in the Quicksilver shop.
- Introduced a number of additional general optimisations.
- Fixed an issue that caused ricochet projectiles not to damage some objects.
- Fixed an issue that prevented rocket boots from functioning (double-tap A to activate or chain boost jumps).
- Added the ability to untag markers.
- Fixed an issue that caused tagged markers to vanish when entering Exocraft.
- Fixed an issue that caused too few predators to be interested in hunting the player.
- Replaced storage containers on freighters with purpose-built storage rooms. Materials have been refunded and
new blueprints added automatically. Build the new rooms to access stored items.
- Added text chat functionality to Orb multiplayer on PC.
- Added new attack behaviours to the Biological Horrors...
- Fixed a number of issues around Nada + Polo's dialogue onboard the Space Anomaly.
- Fixed a network error in base building.
- Fixed a crash in base building.
- Fixed a crash in the main menu.
- Fixed a crash in the inventory system.
- Fixed a crash related to multiplayer Monuments.
- Fixed a crash in region generation.
- Fixed a number of miscellaneous crashes.
- Added rich presence text for the Steam client.
- Fixed an issue that caused discoveries made in a multiplayer session to not immediately sync with other players in that session.
- Fixed an issue that could cause technology to vanish when being repaired.
- Fixed an issue that caused the value of repaired ships + weapons to be too low when trading in.
- Fixed an issue where Pugneum was refined into Big Ball.
- Replaced some duplicated item icons.
- Fixed a number of visual glitches with terrain rendering.
- Fixed an issue that caused timers not to function properly in multiplayer.
- Fixed an issue that could stop base parts being deleted despite the player not being inside the object.
- Fixed an issue that could cause creature feeding missions from the Mission Board to have not appear in the log.
- Fixed an issue where multiplayer Monuments had a missing label.
- Fixed an issue where ship summoning was missing a sound.
- Improved the animations of various alien creatures (particularly those with an above average number of legs).
- Fixed an issue that could cause the Multi-Tool to rotate out of place in the player's hands.
- Fixed an issue that prevented players with two-handed Multi-Tools from melee boosting.
- Fixed an issue where the camera change key in the Appearance Modifier didn't work on PC.
- Removed some outdated items from the Guide catalogue.
- Fixed an issue where Quads + Walkers showed incorrect information when viewed through the Analysis Visor.
- Fixed a number of collision issues onboard frigates.
- Fixed a collision issue with base doorways.
- Allowed Exocraft geobays to be built on top of other structures.
- Added a visualisation of the terrain complexity cap for bases, to notify players when no further edits can be saved.
(Please note this relates to terrain carved by placing base parts, not edits made directly by the Terrain Manipulator.)
A system to allow players to remodel base terrain and reclaim edits is in progress.
- Improved interaction camera positioning on Boundary Failure objects.
- Fixed an issue where Hexite could continue to spawn after the relevant community event.

(37.1 Kb, 406x351)

So.. the game is more interesting but still you gotta grind those missions. Luckily mods help..a lot.
I still wish I had my old save. With that one I had a rover and could travel faster & further.

Also I'm stuck with a mission to destroy some factories or silos yet they are already destroyed but the game won't let me continue :(

(23.3 Kb, 400x240)

Actually you can run it on a mobile phone now..

ps: it's a shady site

(29.0 Kb, 800x420)

>>34826 It works great. Here's a screen grab...


Only if it can run Crysis.

(7.6 Kb, 287x176)

Take this handy portable computer with you then you can still play ;D

(22.9 Kb, 448x336)

haha, I know that feeling. Starting with one thing and making it a whole massive undertaken.

Btw, I will be out next week. As in a holiday. So no steam for a week..


>>34813 It was supposed to be replacing the conservatory roof but it has turned in to something much bigger. I'm also now repainting the whole conservatory, replacing 8 windows in the house, painting the outside of the house and a few other small repairs to the roof and guttering.
I've got most of it done, but I'm finding it hard to find the energy to carry on. I hope it'll be done by the end of September.


You installing the glass on the conservatory? Or building that nuclear-proof bunker?


>>34810 Thanks. Still very tired but hopefully some time in the week we'll give it a go. Things should improve a bit for me once I get all the work on the outside of the house done, it's taking longer than I'd like.

(119.5 Kb, 400x400)

>>34809 no worries, mate. You can send the invite whenever you feel better and are willing.

(158.1 Kb, 850x582)


Not sure if I'll be up for a gaming session tonight, I'm super tired :/

(2067.4 Kb, 2560x1440)

I've seen him!!!


When I'm home I'll give it a try and see if I can join your game. Please put on some pants.


>>34805 I don't have all the glyphs yet so I can't use the portals to get to a specific location. Once I have them we can meet up somewhere. If I'm wrong on this let me know, I haven't really looked in to multi-player yet :D


Dude, when can I join your game?


>>34753 It's sentinel proof glass, it's the option I'm going with on my new windows too :D

(1190.6 Kb, 2560x1440)

Those sentinels sure aren't smart..

(2443.7 Kb, 2560x1440)

Home sweet home

(1750.3 Kb, 2560x1440)

Started a new game. First bit is though but doable and soon you get the hang of it again.
This is mos def the game it needed to be in 2016.


I fired up my game and found my base gone and almost all my ships and materials gone :/
The game looks like there is more to do now though so when I get time I'll definitely give it another go.
I might try a new game just to see what it's like.


Damn, have you tried starting with a new game? It's bloody difficult..almost impossible to survive.


You never know :D