A Look Inside Merlins-Bar New Server Room

This is some high tech crazy shit! :D

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>>37717 I keep my router up to date with it's firmware. Also these kind of bugs require you leave your router open to remote management. That's the first thing I turn off on a router!


Eek! https://www.techpowerup.com/293115/several-older-asus-routers-at-risk-of-being-infected-by-cyclops-blink-worm


The router from my ISP is a Zyxel VMG8924-B10A. Wireless is 5 GHz 1.3 Gbps and 2.4 GHz. It has pretty good specs but the Asus is more reliable and with the custom firmware I can make it do almost anything I want. I use the Zyxel as a wireless access point at the other end of my house and for out into the garden. They are connected with homeplug ethernet devices. I have another access point in my workshop that is also connected to the homeplug network.
The Asus router has a built in modem for fibre and dsl but the custom firmware doesn't work with it so I got a second hand Huawei modem that BT supply to customers and then used a custom firmware on that to make it work with my router. The custom firmware stops it from being locked to BT only.
Thankfully the wifi all works great, and my devices are setup to switch to which ever signal is best. I let my wireless routers decided what channels to use and it seems to work well.


Sweet, I have setting too on the NAS. Only when a lightning strikes it won't happen due to the power strip.

Just curious: how fast is the wifi of the modem you got from your isp? And do you still have that turned on or does that interfere with the asus router?


Had a very short power cut this morning but I was pleased to see this server, and the rest of the network, automatically powered back up without any problems.


It's all just an excuse to play with cool stuff XD
Thankfully going forward the site will be really cheap to run, so not a big deal :)

(8.5 Kb, 254x199)

Damn, all connected to a 10GBps network! Suweet /s

PS: it's really cool that you do this, JC. I'll try to make a small donation every year.