Tiny PC case: In Win Chopin

After a weird problem with my dad's pc I bought him a new case to go with a backup mobo & cpu I had laying around.
However I resolved the issue and 'gave' the pc to myself.

The In Win Chopin can only house an ITX motherboard and two 2.5" drives, it already came with a 150 Watt psu. It is, however, a bitch to work in/with. Front I/O cables are too long, power cables partially too yet there's not enough room to hide them.

Still, the end product does look nice. And is very silent (also thanks to the Noctua cpu-cooler).

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Do you see the update? You've only been asking for a embedded video update for a few years XD
No more flash on merlins-bar :D

File it under >>>


I'll file that under "Unwilling" ]:


>>34308 File that one under "Nice idea, but no" :D

(60.0 Kb, 592x600)

Nerd alert: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AMR9Lrf9uPM


There isn't very much of a 3D printer that can be 3D printed :/


But but I have no 3D printer..but YOU do! You could make me a 3D printer from your 3D printer, so I would have a 3D printer!


Sweet! Get making :D


I already have a dremel but I really would love a 3D printer (with proper cooling ;)


Nice! You're officially a Maker!
Now you need to buy a Dremel and a 3D printer :D

(759.6 Kb, 2064x1548)
Latest VR setup

The tv stand I have for several months now. I just added a 90 degree aluminum profile of 30x30x3mm. I drilled 3 holes; 2x M8 (to attach on the tv stand) and one M5 (to attach the Oculus sensor).
So now I have one sensor above the tv, one to the left on a light stand, and one on a cctv mount drilled in the wall/window frame.
This increased my playing field and added the bonus of 360 degree tracking.


Nice. Is that something you already had/bought or is it a special build?

(551.5 Kb, 2322x4128)

DIY sensor placement on tv (stand).

(66.2 Kb, 1009x675)
Virtuix Omni

Luckily they don't :P

Seriously though, it looks cool but not for the average consumer. Businesses sure.
The other one (Virtuix Omni) looks more promising, still will cost a liver and a lung but hey, you can live without those..


They should just use a serial port if you ask me :D


That is a big ass peripheral device. Hope it only needs one usb 3.0 type a ;)


Now you just need to get one of these VR walking things :D


(1721.6 Kb, 4128x2322)

For my 3-way Oculus sensor setup I still need an active usb male-2-female extension cable, and figure out a way to mount one sensor above the tv or at least near that area.
I placed one sensor near the window but it will be mounted on the wooden window frame (top right grey cctv mount). So as you can see I'm going for the love triangle setup.
Still need a 1/4 ball head adapter cause the tripod (left) isn't equipped with one, and the sensor doesn't point down far enough.

(24.2 Kb, 397x302)

>>34280 Pfff, that sounds way too much like work. And here am I trying to get the best positions for my 3 Oculus sensors..


>>34278 I haven't put any more time in to the fan, but I've been working on the electronics and software so I can remotely control and monitor the printer as well as adding lights and a camera. It's proving to be a massive pain in the arse getting it all to work properly. It involves getting 2 Arduinos and a Raspberry Pi to all talk to each other and requires using Python, JavaScript, HTML and C as well as the OctoPrint software on the Pi. Hardware limitations of the Pi have caused a few problems and required me to alter my plans a few times.
I'm getting close to completing this phase of the 3D printer upgrades, just got a few software issues to deal with now. I hope :D

(20.7 Kb, 450x470)
A little fan or a massive hand

>>34250 How's your little fan project doing?


For one of the fans I made a fancy 360 degree cooler duct but for the second fan there isn't any room do anything other than have a 40mm x 10mm 24V fan. It's not really a problem, I'd just like it to be quieter. I going to look in to using a regulator to lower the voltage for that fan and then I can use a 12v silent 40mm fan.

(35.3 Kb, 974x701)
fan duct (or a like)

Can't you create a fan duct? I mean, you DO have a 3d printer after all. Or water cool it ;)


Sweet! Really nice case. My HTPC has an old In Win case and I like it but as you've found some of the finer details are sometimes missing.
I like the nocturna fans, I just wish they made a slim 40mm fan that ran on 24v to replace the noisy fan on 3D printer.

(1195.3 Kb, 2064x1548)

I use it as a backup HTPC. For when I'm doing maintenance on my watercooled gaming rig, I'll use my current HTPC as my replacement gaming rig. Cause gaming = life ;)

However I won't use the Chopin as a VR rig.