Reunited after 17 years!

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>>33864 it really depends on the beer, and >>33802 is all cider.

At my local supermarket I can get 24 cans of 0.33Liter/11oz for 10 euro/11.97USD (limited 6 crates per person!)


>>33802 Those prices look a little much, compared to here. Of course the alcohol content and size of bottle may have something to do with it.
A 6-pack of 8oz beer here is under $5.00 (US) 5.2%.

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Best beer I ever drank. Made in the Philippines, it was my beer of choice while I was in Hawaii. Tried it in California.. yuck. Green import.
Canadians have good beer. It's 11.5% alcohol so the U. S. can't have it here (5.2% is what we are allowed) 3 or 4 Canadian beers and you're looking for a place to fall down.
I had to quit drinking 26 yrs. ago. It was ruling my life. I was going thru about $600 a month on alcohol (including scotch) and my future was looking fairly dim.


You live in a truly rich alcoholic country, pity you don't drink the stuff.


These cider companies are all within 20 miles of where I live :D

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you how mine? ;p

Not much choice in cider here (see pic)


>>33780 I but mine from I especially like the Wychwood Brewery ales, Arrowaine is probably my favourite witch Ginger Beard a close second.


Not only is Rosie old, she's also pricey.

Don't you make your own ale? Holy Ale..or what was it called?


Strongbow is made about 13 miles down the road from me :D
Now if you want a proper drink of cider you need to find some Westons 'Old Rosie', also made not far from me but not by the same people. In fact there are quite a few cider companies near where I live...

...Which is a shame as I don't really like the stuff, I prefer a good ale.