Mandatory cleaning and upgrade..on mah PC

Much needed dust cleaning and also changed some things here and there. I now leak test with air instead of water, so much safer.

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>>33814 I will NEVER buy any console again. And mos def not a handheld. The only platform I play games on is the pc anyway.


>>33812 The Vega Plus is not available yet due to legal issues with a previous company founder and don't hold your breath for the 1000+ games as many rights holders have withdrawn support for the project. So it's all going pretty well for a £130 games machine which plays 30+ year old games that you can get on you phone or PC for free :/

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Is that one available? Cause the AMD variant isn't. And the ones that are, only through foreign shops.

"Hey kid, wanna buy a space heater for waaay too much money?!"

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Yeah, the graphics of the new Vega is amazing!! ;P

*Yes I know you really mean the graphics cards and not the spectrum games machine :D


Hey, Vega has finally arrived, therefor nothing is impossible!


>>33792 Don't hold your breath waiting for that price drop :/


>>33790 and heat, they seem to thermal throttle easily. Hell, even my m.2 pci-e sits at around 60C..always makes my butt clench when I check general temps. :P

Nah, I'd rather wait for 1TB sata ssd's to drop in price.


>>33784 It's amazing the difference it makes using an ssd, and that's only a standard ssd, the nvme ssd's can be up to 6 times faster than standard ssd's, but with a price to match :/

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ssd vs hdd (okay, the hdd is a 5400rpm disk but it does have 2TB)


He would still need at least a 1200 Watt PSU considering how the efficiency curve of (most) power supplies work.

bit more info here, too tired now, off to dream land


>>33733 I asked him about the power use and he said after some tweaking of voltages and memory speed to get maximum efficiency he's got it down to about 640W.

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6x GTX1070

Speaker failure? Did you channel PM May to that side? ;)

I've never shown much interest in crypto-currency mining. I do know the miners love(d) the AMD cards and when the availability dropped they went to the GTX 1070's and 1080's. So the prices went sky high on pretty much all cards. However it was a good time to sell your old gpu's though.
I do know that after every successful mining (of a coin?) it increases in difficulty to mine the next one. Hopefully this bubble will break soon. Now if only the price of memory could drop I'd be very happy.

Just imaging running a rig 24 hours with 6 GTX1070's ...pff.. how much wattage would you even need?


In other news: Just had a speaker failure this week in my laptop, but an engineer just came and replaced the speakers and it's all good now.
He was telling me about a bitcoin mining rig he's just built with 5 GTX1070 cards! He said he's making about £350 a month profit. I reckon the rig must have cost about £2500-3000 to build so it'll be a little while before he makes any real profit, bit it was pretty interesting to hear all about it.

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Thank you. It already has 2 turbo's (although some people call them pumps). And a lot of pipes on the sides. ;)


Probably needs a turbo and some big exhaust pipes, otherwise sweet! ;D

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Working perfectly again!

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1 hour of leak testing, just for lols

Added a different top on the gpu (EK-FC Terminal Rotary 90°) and therefor some different routing. Also added a pipe inside the reservoir.