Windows 10 Corrupt Registry :(

Time to reinstall. See you on the other side...

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Broken PC throne..look at the brand

>>33441 ah, no, I removed a shit ton of apps too. And the only one that reappeared was OneDrive but you can remove it very easily in the Apps tab. It's maybe too early to tell but I kinda like it how it turned out. I dunno if it's easier, I'll let my parents decide that when their pc will update ;)


>>33434 I'm kind of surprised they decided to all this a new version when all the new features could easily have been included in the monthly updates. really nothing special here. I suspect the whole 'creators update' thing has more to do with Microsoft wanting to appeal to Apple Mac owners who are pissed off that Apple hasn't made a decent desktop computer in years (or ever in my personal opinion). Lots of people jumping ship from Apple in the creative industries lately.
I'm sure the new windows update will be reinstalling all the bloatware I spent time removing from the previous versions which will keep me entertained. And I'm pleased all the old bugs will get some new bug friends to play with :/
Still could be worse, we could have Apple Macs ;D


Full update list here:


W10 Creators Update (1703) has been installed. Yay..well yeah, so far nothing drastic has changed.

Things I noticed:

Improved 'Defender'; more settings
Improved the 'App Removal'
Improved the 'will not restart between time' from 12 hours to 18 hours
Improved the 'Problem solving' section
Added a 'Gaming' tab in the configuration page
Added an option to turn on 'Nightlight'; something to do with blue light
Added an option for Smart Savings; temp files will will be cleared(when?), stuff in bin will be removed after 30 days
Added the program 'Mixed Reality Portal'; not working on my work 'puter
Added the program 'Paint 3D'; the normal program Paint is still available

Things that are still not fixed:
Still have IE
Scrolling in the Start menu still requires a left click
The 'old skool' control page is still there..which I like, tbh. But they could incorporate it in the new style.
Still can't drag and drop shortcuts in the start menu


>>33357 It some old piece of crap for use with the steering wheel so it can be calibrated correctly. Annoyingly the wheel doesn't work right without it, but as I hardly ever use the wheel it's not a big problem.


oh..dear. What software would that be?

I use Logitech Gaming Software for my gameboard, keyboard, & mouse but considering that's regularly updated it can't be that.

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UPDATE: I've been keeping an eye on the registry and noticing that I get the odd bit of of crap appearing now and then. I tried ProcessMonitor to capture what was writing to the registry but it didn't help identify the problem. I started closing things one by one and seeing if any more crap showed up. Thankfully this process has worked and I've found the culprit, the logitech software that goes with my steering wheel. My wheel is pretty old and clearly the software for calibrating it doesn't work well with windows 10. I've killed the software and I'll only let it run when absolutely necessary.


me too. Glad it works now (no jinx!)


I tried installing all software in a VM and it was fine, no registry corruption and no problems in file explorer. I tried a new user account and found that there was some registry corruption and file explorer problems before I even installed anything. After looking around in the registry I deleted all the corrupt data and to my suprise it started working normally!?!
I swithced back to my main account and did the same thing and that too is now working correctly!?! Hopefully it stays that way, but I'd still like to know what caused the coruption to begin with.


Does it happen in safe mode too? To rule out driver/software problems.
Maybe you should put your software on a virtual machine, or go nuts with dual boot linux or something.


Bloatware? No
Porn? Sadly no
Virus? No
Trump? Possibly, or maybe Brexit.

Well it seems as if Microsoft wants to bend me over and call me Bertha cause I've already got corrupt data in the registry again, and I'm getting some of the odd behaviour in File Explorer!?! FFS!!!
It must be some of my software or a driver fucking with windows but I'll have to start again and install things one at a time to find out what. Then I'll be able to start again and avoid the problem!?!
I wouldn't mind so much but I have a lot of software on this computer that takes ages to setup each time.

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blame it on the 3rd party, typical MS

Bloatware? Porn? Virus? Trump?

I did a reset (I think) on Saturday. Gave the option to remove all data or keep it. Much better option than to reinstall manually, with all those updates in mind.


...and I'm back.
>>33336 It happened on my Alienware laptop. Started off as a few odd things happening in File Explorer and after lots of exploration and head scratching I found the Current User section of the registry was completely corrupt, full of garbage data. More searching revealed the only answer was to start again :(
Yes I did a Reset which is the same as a reinstall except your data is already availble thus saving you copying it over, it does reinstall the registry. There is a little know option called Refresh that allows you to reinstall the OS and keep apps and data but it doesn't fix registry problems.


Ow, poor you. So how did it happen? On what device?

Did you know you can reset the OS without doing a fresh install? Although not sure if that will fix the registry.