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red x marks where he hit, then scratched the road and rest

He crawled out moments after the car stopped spinning. When I took the pic he was already in the ambulance; the only visible wound was a small gash on his head. And after a quick check-up they let him go. The police questioned him and a few others. Before the cops & ambulance arrived I told him an ambulance was on the way (I called them). I couldn't smell any booze and his eyes weren't red (no weed at least). He claimed there was a patch of oil on the road..

Now I didn't see the actual crash, just heard it. But this is what I observed; no brake marks on the road, a bent rear left suspension, a mark on the elevated curb of the bus stop, maybe 3 meters later scratches on the road leading towards the up-side-down vehicle. You do the math.


Is everyone waiting for the driver to crawl out of the car?


This must be one of those self crashing cars. All you have to do is drive down the road then take your hands off the wheel and wait :D