Super Creepy Real Life Lego People
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"Best part of the events are the young chickadees scantly clad in costumes" - Now you're getting it :D


Your video >>32795 got me to looking further into this: Cosplay and Comicon. I didn't know Comicon was comic book gathering of the authors, creators and all the dressed-up folk that resembled the action figures in them. They have them everywhere because of the huge following comic books have. Never knew there was such a huge crowd that read comic books. I haven't bought a comic book in 60 years or so much less think about dressing up as one of the characters.

Anyway, there are zillions of pictures showing the huge events..there's a lot of Chinese-made light sabers, Ninja swords, T-shirts and a lot of other useless crap for sale.

Best part of the events are the young chickadees scantly clad in costumes. That's worth the look even for us older fellas!

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>>32797 just be yourself and they think you are cosplaying


I've never been to an event like this, but I'd be happy to go along as an observer but probably wouldn't dress up.


Hmmm. I was going to rent a chicken costume and stand at the finish line of the Houston Marathon to root a friend on but that's about it. I never did. Rental place was out of chicken costumes, they rented for $125.00 a day and it was 30 degrees out. That's the best I have to offer.

Do you have/rent a costume and go to these things?


This may help...


There's a whole world going on out there I never knew existed. Who ARE these people?