Speed of your Internet

I'm just curious, how fast is your internet? And how much does it cost? Do you have a data limit or is it unlimited?

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>>32618 To answer this question...I am limited and use the same router as my landlord. However, our usage doesn't even come near to the point that we'll suffer extra charges.


>>32618 I have TWC internet provider at home (I replaced my cable bill with Sling, Netflix and Amazon Prime), so good call on your search parameters! Total is about $63. And keeps going up every blue moon.


>>32625 ah, yes..I need new glasses.


>>32618 The stats....>>32609 and forgot to mention that is thru AT&T.


Download 6.2Mbps
Upload 0.37Mbps
Unlimited downloads

I should get upgraded to about 17Mbps down and 1Mbps up by the end of the year. As I live in a rural area I won't get anything faster :/

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address used: E 19th? Costa M, Cali

>>32609>>32612 Are those limited (ie data capped) or unlimited? and WOW, those are some hefty prices for such slow speeds.

For fun I checked AT&T's website and holy shit! $150 for just 6Mbps!!
But Time Warner Cable.. much better. I picked a random house from google maps for the details ;) Pretty good result, imo.

What about you, goodgrief?

>>32606 correction, they have 1 Mbps up, which still sucks. Oh, and it's also my office :/


>>32612 Looks like Grim has the best deal, Vis. You and I just get to bend over and take it like a man.


The results - at my office:
Download...1.03 Mps
Upload.....0.20 Mps
Cost.......$55 per month (AT&T)

What do I win? ;)


The results:
Download...3.86 Mps
Upload.....1.39 Mps
Cost... $43.00 USD per month (high speed internet is what they call it)

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My parents have unlimited 10 Mbps download and 4 Mbps upload, which costs them 19.95 Euro per month.

As you can see it's abysmally slow.

ps: stick within 50 to 100 miles

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I'll start: I have unlimited 50 Mbps download and 5 Mbps upload, which costs me 24 Euro per month.

Do the test here: www.speedtest.net/
pick a dot closest to your position, and let it run