Raspberry Pi Q&A

I recently bought the Raspberry PI 2 with Kodi for my parents so they can watch movies.
But now I really want one too! Tips & links are greatly appreciated!

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>>32253 Yes! I would love to build an autonomous rover :D

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Ooooorrrrrr This!

Fuck Lego whateveritsnamewasagain


>>32203 I don't need number 2 as I already have a wifi kettle :D
Some cool projects though, but I have been using Arduino for my projects so far.

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more ideas here: http://www.instructables.com/id/Raspberry-Pi-Projects/
and here: https://hackaday.io/projects/tag/raspberry%20pi

The building of a cheap 3D printer looks like fun.. https://hackaday.io/project/1544-cheap-and-easy-to-build-3d-printer

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auto cat feeder

Some things to do with this computer
http://imgur.com/a/7LRMv - oldskool arcade
http://imgur.com/a/TAPOY - PiGrrl (Gameboy clone)
http://www.itpro.co.uk/mobile/21862/raspberry-pi-top-20-projects-to-try-yourself - Project 2 & 8 are made for you, JC ;)


That's a neat little add-on.

I haven't had a need for a PI as yet, but I'm sure I'll find a reason to have one eventually.

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power button addon card

ty for the answers. You should get a Raspberry Pi..it's delicious, also the computer is fun to experiment with.


...Oops, forgot to comment about the switch. Yes a reclaimed push switch from an old PC would work for the reset switch on the PI, and an on/off switch from a PC would work as an on/off switch for the PI if fitted to the power supply.


>>32198 I don't have a PI but from what I can tell the header on the PI is for a reset switch. This will reboot the PI when it is pressed, even if the PI is shut down (sudo halt). It won't switch the PI off and disable the power supply.
If you want a simply On/Off switch to remove power to the PI after you have shut it down then an in-line power switch is required. A simple solution to this problem is a usb cable with a switch in it like this...
Be sure the PI is shut down before the power is switched off or it will likely corrupt data on the SD card.

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The biggest flaw in the RB-Pi is that it does't have a power on/off switch. I know you can add one by soldering a two-way, one-row 2.54mm male header to the mobo but can I use a simple power switch I salvaged from an old computer case? (see pic)