Broke another one

2145.5 - Not mine, but grown in my state, and part of the same group I belonged to. Need to get back to growing these!

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>>31373 There is a certain amount of conjecture out there in great unknown about playing music and singing to plants. My mother spoke of it. I have read about loud and booming music destroying healthy plants. I'm with you on this point. Chanting and war paint....not so much.


music helps too I hear


>>0 Is that the pumpkin or the person that ate it? ;D


I dont know of anyone that eats the giants. The flesh is very watery and would not make for a good pie mixture.

Roughly four months to grow them, which is the same for regular sized pumpkins as well. The genes in these seeds just simply produce more growth during the same period.

>>31365 I provided the chanting myself when I was growing them. It was really less chanting and more like idle chatter, recognition, and encouragement. Laugh all you want, the growers out there know that this does have a benefit.


btw, how long does it take to grow them that big? And do you eat them after the weighing?


I was looking on some of the websites of the giant pumpkin growing clubs and discovered what an industry in itself they are. Everything from "How to do it videos", special seeds from other giant pumpkins, soil heating cables, fertilizers and so on. Almost like breeding race horses or show dogs, it turns out. It was so involved I almost expected some of the special packages to come equipped with a passel of Indians in war paint to chant over the growing seeds. I guess you could get some local Pentecostals to do the job cheaper.


That's so big ...and the pumpkin too!

Do yo guys live near a nuclear power plant/waste facility? ;)