in case you're depressed..

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>>31150>>31155 - Honestly, I am as healthy as a person can be, I suppose. But as a novice animator, I am always looking at body language and poses and thought Charlie Brown's stance perfectly (and humorously) captured the issue and state of mind. But thank you for asking, anyway!

Grim, egg yolks can cause inflammation, if you didn't know, so you might keep an eye on those.

I live with someone who has SIBO (Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth).

"Migrating Motor Complex has been implicated with SIBO. Most gas-producing bacteria live in the colon, but in SIBO there are large quantities in the small intestine. Hydrogen and methane are the by-products of these bacteria, which can cause constipation and diarrhea respectively. IBS patients are typically methane or hydrogen producers. Methane slows intestinal peristalsis, while hydrogen speeds it up. Motility problems in the small intestine can lead to SIBO. The symptoms for both SIBO and IBS seem to be identical.

"SIBO is thought to occur because of a deficiency in the Migrating Motor Complex (MMC). Migrating Motor Complex is a process of the small intestine. It is a cleansing wave that moves matter, including bacteria, from the small intestine and into the colon. This occurs every 90 to 120 minutes and only during fasting. The process is interrupted by feeding. A decrease in MMC is thought to be the major factor in IBS / SIBO."


Damn.....Happy for my health.

Best wishes to you all.

JC, if I ever end up with a spare room, you will be welcomed.


>>31150 I haven't been able to use the bike much lately, simply not well enough. I hope that changes soon.

>>31155 Then conservative government doesn't care about helping people just making money for themselves. I live on my own, so no I don't have any day to day help.


>>31149 That's an outrage! And here I thought the UK was a nanny state.. Do you have somebody to help you besides your brother(?), like professional help?

>>0 You feeling down, v45? Through it in the group. Don't worry it won't leave this bar.

As for my little issue, it's mostly (and luckily) food related. So I avoid certain products. Also the pain comes and goes away so fast that pills wouldn't work, I asked my doc the same thing, you see.
So I no longer drink a beer every day/week, down to twice a month (damn you bowels!). No junk food, no pasta, no potatoes, no spicy stuff. More eggs, more yogurt, more least 2 liters a day, red meat (YAY!), fish, and various amount of fruit and veggies. oh, and snacks are now nuts instead of chocolate.
And it works, I have less issues and regular do #2. Of course sometimes I do let myself go, fully knowing the consequences. Life to short, etc.


>>31149 I did some extensive reading on CFS (a close friend of mine has CFS) a while back and found out how understood this disease is..little known about it and how to treat it. Exercise and pacing offered the most help with medication not being considered that much. Depression was also a result of the sickness in many cases. Medication was used for that. Opiates are used for the associated pain which sometimes lead to further depression. A pure "between a rock and a hard place" dilemma. My heart goes out to you, J.C. and I wish there was a magic pill that could help. The bicycle you ride...does it help?

>>31147 Have you ever tried Acidophilus as a helpful supplement to your daily meals? Acidophilus (the type kept in the refrigerator) and not just another probiotic. There's a difference even though both are probiotics. That stuff is a miracle cure for a lot of stomach and intestinal problems and especially after antibiotics have been taken. You may know about acidophilus. If you don't, rush to the store and get some. It's good for every day digestion and good bacteria build-up in the stomach.

>>0 Interesting topic, Vis. What prompted you? Feeling a little down the day you posted this? Remembering >>31136 from day to day certainly helps me but offers little solace to J.C.


>>31145 I don;t know anything about SIBO, but I've tried cutting out various foods over the years but not really noticed any change.
I only have 1 doctor on the case these days, due to cuts in the NHS to save money all the specialists for ME/CFS have gone from my local area. There is a call for something to be reinstated but I doubt it'll happen.
>>31147 It's a struggle to be honest, I'm very limited, jobs around the house I need to do just stack up and never seem to get done.
IBS is no fun, I know someone with it, she can't ever be far from a toilet just in case.


>>31144 How are you fairing day to day life? Are there things you no longer can do? How long can you walk (be active)? Also do you have lesser bad days?

I got IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) myself, luckily it's only shitty when I eat something out of my bowels comfort zone. Like too rich in fibers and/or not enough fluids = constipation, (too) spicy and/or fat = diarrhea.


I should clarify SIBO is auto-immune related..


>>31144 How many doctors do you have on the payroll now? The little I know about ME, it's not pretty. Have you heard of the GAPS diet and/or considered it?

My friend has leaky gut/SIBO and has been on a very restricted diet to help resolve her issues. Although SIBO is not an auto-immune disease, these special diets can help with leaky gut, and I believe leaky gut is the cause of most of our illnesses.

Your thoughts?


>>31139 *Puts on serious face* I've developed clinical depression over the last 10 years due to developing ME/CFS and having had to stop working and give up on most of my life ambitions. Along with the sleepiness and the depression is also lots of pain. I don't recommend being ill as a career choice.


>>31139 Is it clinical depression or just sleepiness all the time?


>>0 I've been practising all my life.

(928.9 Kb, 1000x1000)

Who among us hasn't been depressed? But....