happy star wars day

and may the fourth be with you. Always.

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Also not for PS3, sounds like. Oh well..


SW Battlefront 1 was a brilliant concept, (capture the flag in Star Wars universe), though the AI left something to be desired (and nevermind the graphics because it was PS2). I love(d) the game.

SWB 2 was a piece of shit because everything got darker and harder to see.

I've been nervous about SWB 3 and this news doesn't help.


Star Wars Battlefront has no aiming down sight (ADS) mode (hip fire or scope only) :(


>>30739 When I was small I think we celebrated VE Day by not going to school. Don't remember.
>>30735 Biggest regret today is that I didn't have a gas mask yesterday when I walked by a Roach Coach. They were giving away free tacos in celebration of Cinco-de-Whatever.


>>30737 Happy Liberation Day then! And Happy Cinco de Mayo (we are required to say that to everyone today, just in case!)

>>30739 Happy Cinco de Mayo!! :D Cha cha cha!


The Brits weren't occupied, so there's nothing to liberate. As for May the 8th?? Never heard of that. But if they make it into a National (free) day than I'm suddenly for it ;)

>>30735 okay, I must confess..conquering the world has failed again..but tomorrow it will happen!

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>>30737 We don't have Liberation Day until May the 9th?!? May the 8th is Victory in Europe Day. Not that anyone in the UK would know these things anyway.

>>30735 I never learned to read or write.

But today is Cinco de Mayo. The day Americans made up for Mexicans, which was kind of them.


May the 4th is Remembrance day of the dead in the Netherlands (WWII mostly), and May the 5th is Liberation Day. National days of no work :)


also, what regrets do you have?

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how will you celebrate?