drift trike project

Started with a donor 20" bike

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I prefer to 'mod' before buying new stuff. I just wish I was a bit handier at times and had enough space/proper tools.


The most satisfaction I got was being able to hand an "idea" to my children and teach them that everything didn't have to be bought from a store. Things they made weren't tossed around like an 'instant gratification' thing and more care was put into taking care of it. Building something in front of your children helps teach them reasoning also. Reasoning goes a long way in our society now-a-days.

(282.6 Kb, 1449x1262)

As far as the seat idea, I had a few ideas in the works, but then scrapped them as I discovered that this is great to use as a standing scooter as well. I now am thinking of making a removable back rest. Put the back rest on and you have your seat, take it off an you can stand on it like a scooter.


>>29363 Those folks are getting harder to find around me GG. There is a great deal of satisfaction for me in building things


The rear tire solution was elegant! I searched around and found that the PVC in that size was hard to find, as well as expensive. The tires are cheap and abundant through Harbor Freight. I had bought 4 pair of these about 4 years ago and they had been sitting around, waiting for their destiny. The tires measure 10 1/2 inches when inflated. My initial thought was to use a 5 gallon pail, but it turns out that those are slightly larger than the tires. I wandered out into our prototype shop at work and found by chance a rack of PVC pipes in various sizes. Sitting on top was this 14" length of 10" pipe. I measured the ID...10" on the nose...perfect! I tracked down the individual responsible for the PVC, asked if I could use it for a project (expecting to purchase it) and was told "Help yourself". Woo Hoo!


This has been a project on my mind for quite some time now. Glad to get it behind me as it is a blast to ride. I have seen them fitted with motors (both electric and gas) or even pedals, but I wanted to start out simple and cheap with a roller. To your point GG, these things can get pricey. My cash outlay on this project goes something like this....10" pneumatic tires $5 each, bolts washers and nuts for rear axle... $8. So ignoring the incidental consumable costs of cutting discs, welding wire and electricity, I am into this project for a whopping total of $18.


Awesome work, oldballs! You gonna fit the lawnmower motor later? Or a seat?


My lands. I looked them up and the good ones are $550.00 +. You saved tons of frogskins and theirs doesn't even come with a bottle opener.


Love it!!!
Great solution for the rear wheels. Don't you just love it when you offer up unrelated parts and they just fit perfectly.
I miss the days of doing massive drift skids on my bmx :D


It's a rare breed of folk that think of something and then just haul off and make it, OB. They're gonna miss us when we're gone.
I'm not familiar with this 'drift' trike'. Your idea? How hard was it to find a balloon tire to fit closely to the I.D. of 10" PVC?
You'll be shooting a video with you aboard, huh?

(257.0 Kb, 890x956)

Video to follow, but this thing drifts like its on ice. When the PVC looses it's grip, it really slides nicely.

(1853.2 Kb, 2592x1936)

Added a bottle opener cause that is often needed when grow ups use toys like this

(1656.0 Kb, 2592x1936)

Fabbed up an axle after debating on wheels. Finally found a section 10" schedule 40 PVC for the wheels. 10" pneumatic wheels serve as the base and when fully inflated they hold the PVC in place.

(1485.5 Kb, 1936x1936)

Made some more cuts. This time on 1 1/4 conduit. Welded up a basic seat frame.

(1512.9 Kb, 1936x1936)

Made some cuts