Youtube links starting https now work :)

First code update in over 4 years!?!
Youtube url filter will now allow http and https.
As a reward for your patience on this matter here is the Mario theme as played on an ancient instrument by a girl! Enjoy...

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>>27329 Damn Russian car wreck videos are like potato chips....


>>0 Further viewing of the Sheng Orchestra playing "Butterfly" was really worth the watch.
>>27329 Driver's licenses in Russia come free with a McDonalds happy meal.


it happens only when I play vids in 720 & 1080 full screen. Normally the white bar would (slowly) be ahead of the red bar. But now it doesn't pre-load unless I pause the video.


>>27332 Well that certainly won't be a Merlins Bar issue as the embedded player is all down to youtube. Seems to be normal for me in Firefox.

>>27329 Crazy-arse mother-hubbards!?! XD


btw, talking about youtube. I noticed recently that the videos load so slow. It's annoying.
On chrome at least, haven't tried firefox yet. Anybody else experience this too?


Great and awesome! That girl is an artist with blowing :D

Now, why Russia is a no go area if you're sane