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>>27364 Cool! :)


I'll sell you the Brooklyn Bridge, cheap, J.C.


>>27351 It wasn't one of those fortune tellers that has to hold your junk while they read your future was it? Because the most recent fortune teller I saw told me that wasn't really required and I only really needed to stand in the corner naked. I won't be falling for that again! :D


>>27351 getting a Blowjob by Mila, in Lederhosen?


>>27351 Maybe you should have just gone ahead and let him touch you; might have cleared up some of that confusion and unhappiness.
I'd check around on your desk top and see if he swiped a stapler on his way out.


free beer for congressmen?? Blasphemy!

No joke, I just had a male fortune teller walk into my office. Seemingly peaceful and soft-spoken man about 5 feet tall. He was looking at me and telling me things no one could know about myself and my past. That I seem happy on the outside but am very confused and unhappy on the inside. I suppose that applies to almost everyone?? He says I have been thinking too much. He wanted to read my palm and said he sees three goods things happening to me and they are B, M and L. I wouldn't let him touch me. So, with my deepest apologies and not wanting to offend a fortune teller, I sent him on his way. Now I need to find out what B, M and L are and practice K, O, D, L (Keep Office Doors Locked).


Handing out free beer here in our Congress might initiate a few good bills that are worth a shit.


>>27331 Originally yes, but in recent years it's become a crap-fest for anyone who thinks they're a comedian :/

"Beer, the cause of, and solution too, all of life's problems!"- Homer Simpson

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Wiki fact!

ah, it's a poster from the UK (1939), several months before the beginning of the Second World War, intended to raise the morale of the British public

>>27326 wait take this and c...

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>>27317 This may be bad timing, but please, just try to keep calm. ;)


>>27313 It's been everywhere in the UK for the last couple of years :/

>>27316 Indeed, all UK politicians must die! :)


some UK politician? Why not all? ;)


>>27310 so much anger, my goodness!


I hope that blood is from the arsehole that started this modern 'keep calm' shit!