bitcoin.. we have a problem.

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You need a steady job and maybe a loan (you can only loan if you have a steady job). But both can be bought with the wereldpas (world card), although it would be easier with a credit card.

Geek tip: wikipedia isn't know for it's reliability and credibility


>>27042 Kind of like, but not exactly, our debit cards. I read Wikipedia.
If you want to buy a house or car don't you need established credit?

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This card has made me independent. I can travel the world, buy stuff (online too) and still have full cover and warranty all thanks to the Dutch & European trade organisation.

Checks book haven't been used till the 90's. And I only carry cash when someone buys stuff from me.

The downside of having a credit card is that you need a steady income. I've never had that, then again I've never had any issues.


>>27038 The best reason I can think of for getting a credit card Grim, is to establish credit. They take us less space equal to a check book or large amounts of cash also. Some credit cards will cover damaged items when a shipping company or store might not.


I've never had a credit card, and I don't need one either.
Credit card fraud is still common, simply because it has no real protection.


"The Bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox filed for bankruptcy protection on Friday, saying it may have lost $450 million worth of the digital currency, according to The New York Times."


>>27025>>27026 I knew that bitcoin thingy and online banking were two separate things. I read the so called simple explanation of bitcoins but never fully understood it. Don't really care that I didn't because I have no interest in it.
Years back when NORAD was hacked made me realize nothing was safe. Just look at the companies that have been hacked since.
If folks weren't worried about their money, why would individuals have separate systems to protect it?
A friend of mine had to change his bank account numbers last year when hackers stole them from his computer.
A few years back I was trying to get some cheaper government insurance thru the Navy, the people there couldn't find me as ever serving. Seems hackers had stolen over one million names and service numbers from the Navy. This worries me.
To date, 3 of my credit cards have had other peoples names on them with the same phone number as I have. They've not charged against me nor taken money but I'm still worried.


I find online banking to be a safe as any other form of banking, if not more so.
Bitcoins are a different matter, the exchanges and banks are not major financial organisations, just little businesses, and the whole way bitcoin works as a currency leaves it desperately open to fraud.


also hacking a bank (similar to robbing a bank) is more profitable than hacking an individual.

I'm sorry, gg, you are just not rich and important enough ;)


BitCoin mining and banking on-line are 2 different things, gg.

Geek fact: I use a secure line to my bank if I want to see my account (HTTPS). The bank sends me a code -> I type that in my secure device (not connected online) that gives me a code -> I type that on my banks page -> and voila I'm in.

Now if someone wants to hack in they need to go through a lot of trouble and it takes them longer than me to check the status of my bank accounts.


Another reason I don't bank on line. Nothing is secure to hackers now-a-days.