Cab down, bed up, that's the way I like to truck

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>>38123 That would be sweet!


>>38118 That would be great!

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>>38115>>38116 oh oh ,do a pickup big rig style :D


>>38115 Alternatively, there has never been a better time to start planning the custom frame you're planning to build ;)


>>38108 I just picked up my truck from my mechanic and he had grim news for me....he predicts in a year or so, my frame will be doing similar things as the OP truck. Rust is taking over. Sad days.


>>38103 I've noticed how many of the American youtube people I follow have cracked windscreens and don't get them fixed, now I know why. In the EU and UK the car would fail the annual inspection with a cracked windscreen.

>>38104 Visibility is bad enough from some factory trucks already, nobody needs to make it worse! I'm pleased some of these stupid and dangerous things are getting outlawed. I don't mind if people want to make some crazy vehicles but if they aren't safe keep them off the roads.


>>38102 regarding the truck in the picture....
this is referred to as the "Carolina Stance" and it is silly. It unsafely alters the vehicles handling, limits the drivers visibility, and just plain old looks like inbred stupidity. BTW, this modification is illegal in many states.


>>38102 As I understand it, a peace officer could order this driver to get their vehicle inspected or simply deem it to be unsafe and not for highway use. The no inspection thing is tied more to registering the vehicle (licensing fees and what not). Each state would have the ability as well, to pull this driver over and deem his whip to be unsafe for their roads. The state would then have the vehicle towed. Each state does have different requirements for registration. Within each state, as in Wisconsin, each municipality has the ability to set requirements (such as emissions inspections). Most just adopt the state regulations and move on. Example, my truck has had a cracked windshield for 8 years. A cracked windshield could be viewed as something that I would be issued a "fix it" ticket for, if I was ever pulled over for a moving violation.

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This isn't allowed in the Netherlands

>>38099 Uh, I didn't knew that. So do all state have no vehicle inspection? Is he allowed to cross states like that?


Hmmm, highways 90/94 would put that in Wisconsin. Also known as the rustbelt. Frames don't last long and there's no vehicle inspection. We drive them until the wheels fall off.



I don't what the fuck is going here. Has the frame failed or is this something they did deliberately?